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Ultrasonic Transducer information

  • Oct
    production plan of ultrasonic rangefinder

    The ultrasonic rangefinder adopts NE555 circuit, two-stage amplifier circuit and level comparison circuit to realize the transmission and reception of ultrasonic waves. The comparator is the core unit of the rangefinder, which realizes the control of the transmitting circuit and the processing of th

  • Oct
    principle analysis of ultrasonic ranging sensor

    Principle of piezoelectric ultrasonic generator  Piezoelectric ultrasonic generator actually uses the resonance of piezoelectric crystal to work. The internal structure of the ultrasonic generator is shown . It has two piezoelectric wafers and a resonance plate. When a pulse signal is applied to its

  • Oct
    Brief introduction of waterproof ultrasonic distance measuring module sensor

    Product Introduction:We want to use the ultrasonic module distance sensoroutdoors for a long time, but the traditional ultrasonic distance measurement sensor is not waterproof, and the outdoor weather often encounters rain, which leads to the situation that some scenes cannot be used in rainy days.

  • Oct
    circuit diagram of ultrasonic distance measurement sensor

    Ultrasonic distance measuring circuit diagram: Type 4Y2 distance measuring alarm control special integrated circuit, which can be used to assemble distance measuring alarm control electronic products. It uses the principle of ultrasonic distance measurement to detect obstacles in front of the ultras

  • Oct
    Principle and Introduction of Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor

    What is ultrasonic ranging sensor   Due to the strong directivity of ultrasonic waves, slow energy consumption, and long distances in the medium, ultrasonic waves are often used for distance measurement. For example, ultrasonic rangefinders and level measuring instruments can be realized by ultrason

  • Oct
    production diagram of HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module sensor

    production diagram of HC-SR04 ultrasonic ranging module sensor

  • Oct
    Simple ultrasonic ranging module sensor HC-SR04 and production drawing detailed

    Due to the strong directivity of ultrasonic waves, slow energy consumption, and long distances in the medium, ultrasonic waves are often used for distance measurement. For example, rangefinders and level measuring instruments can be realized by ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic detection is often quick,

  • Oct
    Design of Ultrasonic Distance Measuring Module Based on Single Chip Computer

    Ultrasonic distance measurement module,single-chip microcomputer connected to 12864 LCD, HC-SR04 ultrasonic level sensor mould, the hardware of the ultrasonic proximity sensor module is also not known.

  • Oct
    Brief introduction of high-power ultrasonic ranging module transducer

    Product IntroductionThis URM06 ultrasonic module distance measuring sensor is designed by DFRobot based on senscomp's 6500 ultrasonic electrostatic transducer, with a measuring distance of up to 10 meters. It is the ultrasonic sensor with the longest measurement distance, the smallest angle and the

  • Oct
    Analysis and Correction Method of Ultrasonic Ranging Sensor

    1.The influence of ultrasonic propagation speed on rangingStable and accurate ultrasonic propagation velocity is a necessary condition to ensure measurement accuracy. The propagation speed of a wave depends on the characteristics of the propagation medium. The temperature, pressure, and density of t

  • Oct
    How is the accuracy of ultrasonic ranging sensor module

    Accuracy of ultrasonic ranging sensor module: ±(1cm+0.5%×distance), which is relatively low. The principle of ultrasonic ranging is to use the known propagation speed of ultrasonic waves in the air to measure the time when the sound wave encounters obstacles and reflect back after transmission, and

  • Sep
    Working principle and application of piezoelectric ultrasonic sensor

      The working principle of piezoelectric ultrasonic sensor is mainly based on piezoelectric effect, which uses electrical components and other machinery to convert the pressure to be measured into electricity, and then performs relating measurement. Measuring precision instruments, such as many pres

  • Sep
    Applications of piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors

      1. Piezoelectric force sensor   Piezoelectric force sensor is a industrial ultrasonic sensor that uses piezoelectric elements to directly realize force-to-electricity conversion. In tension and compression applications, two or more piezo quartz crystals are usually used as piezoelectric elements.

  • Sep
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic sensors?

    Ultrasonic sensors are widely used in manufacturing, electric power, and metallurgy to measure building materials, chemicals, food, automobiles, warehousing, ships, textiles, transportation, prospecting, liquid level, due to their high measurement accuracy, stable operation, and temperature compensa

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