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Ultrasonic Transducer information

  • Feb
    Basics of underwater acoustic transducer

    71% of the earth's surface area is the ocean. The ocean contains abundant biological and mineral resources, which is the second space for human survival and development in the future. Sonar is used for an underwater detection device, is an important helper for human development of the ocean, and is

  • Jan
    performance index test of Ultrasonic sensor technology

    Ultrasonic sensor detection technologyThe ultrasonic transducers are a piezoelectric ceramic device that realizes bidirectional conversion of mechanical energy and electrical energy through a piezoelectric effect. Its propagation speed is 344m / s (25 degrees). The operating frequency is generally b

  • Jan
    What’ the ultrasonic flowmeter sensor(2)

    3. Classification of ultrasoundUltrasonic waves carry information about the fluid flow rate as they propagate through the flowing fluid. Therefore, the flow rate of the fluid can be detected by the receiving ultrasonic wave, and converted into a flow rate. According to the detection method, it can b

  • Jan
    What’s the ultrasonic flowmeter sensor(1)

    Ultrasonic flowmeters are widely used in various production facilities in our factory. The mediums test include water, hydrocarbons and lye. The ultrasonic flowmeters used in our factory are available in various domestic and foreign models and specifications. Compared with traditional mechanical fl

  • Jan
    Characteristics introduction of the gas flow sensor

    There are many characteristics of the gas flow sensor. What are the specific characteristics? The gas flow sensor has no moving parts due to the vortex flow sensor,which has small pressure loss, high precision piezo ceramic disc and is easy to maintain. The flow rate of the air measured on a pipe wi

  • Jan
    the thermal effects of ultrasonic gas flow sensors

    After the 1960s, measuring instruments began to develop in the direction of precision, miniaturization, in order to improve the accuracy of differential pressure meters, force balance differential pressure transmitters and capacitive differential pressure transmitters appeared; The underwater ultras

  • Jan
    Flow measurement of ultrasonic liquid flow sensor

    With the rapid development of integrated circuit technology, liquid flow sensors have been widely used, and the wide application of microcomputers has further improved the ability of flow measurement. For example, laser Doppler flowmeters can handle more complicated applications after using microcom

  • Oct
    Range of ultrasonic ranging system

    The ultrasonic ranging system developed has a range of more than 32 meters, a beamwidth of less than 100, and a bandwidth of about 4 kHz (22-25. 5 kHz). If a combined ultrasonic transducer structure is used, the bandwidth can be extended to 8 kHz. A large-range ultrasonic ranging system composed of

  • Oct
    Demodulation algorithm of ultrasonic ranging system transducer

    In order to improve the anti-interference ability and measurement accuracy of the ultrasonic ranging system, an appropriately selected PN can be used.The code replaces the single pulse signal as the encoded information. The noise signal is uncorrelated with the encoded information can be filtered by

  • Oct
    digital single pulse of ultrasonic distance transducer

    The propagation path of the ultrasonic waves is called a channel. The additive noise of the channel is mainly determined by the undulating noise, ultrasonic transducers sensor in turn can be regarded as Gaussian white noise. Since additive noise is considered to only affect the reception of the sign

  • Oct
    Long range ultrasonic ranging transducer system

    In the ultrasonic ranging system, the performance of the ranging algorithm directly affects the performance of the ranging system;The operation speed of the method directly affects the performance of the ranging system. From the perspective of information theory, the ultrasonic ranging process is ac

  • Oct
    circuit design of ultrasonic receiving transducer sensor

    The ultrasonic receiver is composed of an ultrasonic transducer and a receiving circuit. In order to achieve a wide range of ultrasonic ranging, it is required not only that the ultrasonic receiving circuit can amplify the weak signal reflected from the distant target, but also that the strong signa

  • Oct
    circuit design of ultrasonic transmitting transducer

    With regard to ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic transmitting and receiving circuits are devices for converting electrical energy and acoustic energy. Generally, the ultrasonic transducer has low electromechanical energy efficiency, which seriously affects the working distance of the ultrasonic tra

  • Oct
    array receiver of ultrasonic transducer

    Mainly introducing the connection mode of the ultrasonic transducer array (auxiliary receiver) output port. The next chapter studies the design problem of the receiving and transmitting circuit of the disc-type piezoelectric transducer (main transducer), The circuit-assisted receiver array consists

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