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  • Ultrasonic transducer, how does it emit ultrasonic waves?

    In the ultrasonic transducer, the main components are piezoelectric ceramic wafers, an oscillating circuit and a resonant impedance matching circuit. The high frequency electric signal is generated by the oscillating circuit, and the piezoelectric ceramic wafer is driven by the resonant impedance matching circuit to vibrate, so that ultrasonic waves can be generated.

  • What is the frequency and nominality of ultrasonic transducer? How can the resonant frequency be obtained?

    Ultrasonic transducer, the frequency of which refers to the maximum power of the transducer. The nominal value is mainly the voltage, which refers to the upper limit voltage value. If it is exceeded, the ultrasonic transducer will be damaged. In addition, the acquisition of its frequency can be obtained by using an impedance analyzer or by actual measurement.

  • Ultrasonic transducers, which are the main components? What are its characteristics?

    The main components of the ultrasonic transducer are an shell, an acoustic window, a piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer, a backing, and an extraction cable. Its main feature is that it also includes an array receiver. For array receivers, there are lead cables, transducers, metal rings, and rubber gaskets.   
  • What is the resonance state of the ultrasonic transducer? Under what conditions can it be converted into ultrasonic vibration?

    Specifically, the resonant state of the ultrasonic transducer means that the operating state is at the resonant frequency point of the transducer. In addition, about the ultrasonic transducer, the ultrasonic vibration must satisfy the condition is to apply an 200 kHz ultrasonic voltage.

  • Ultrasonic transducer, how can it be understood? For the 60W and 100W ultrasonic transducers, what is the difference between them?

    The understanding of ultrasonic transducers can also be considered as an energy conversion device, because there is a energy transition during operation, As for the main difference between the 60W and 100W ultrasonic transducers is power and capacity.

  • Ultrasonic transducer, what kind of device is it? Is there a piezoelectric ceramic in this device?

    An ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts high frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy. In terms of specific types, there are generally two types of magnetostrictive and piezoelectric ceramic. As for the composition, it is certain to have piezoelectric ceramics, so that the transducer can work normally.

  • What’s the common method for measuring the speed of ultrasonic transducers?

    Among the method about measuring speed of ultrasonic transducer, a resonance method is commonly used, transducers emit similar sound wave of plane wave and then reflected and superimposed by the sound wave between the end faces after being reflected by the receiver, thereby , It forms a resonance standing wave phenomenon. The speed of sound of the ultrasonic transducer is measured by the change of the electrical signal and the distance between the resonant positions.
  • About ultrasonic transducers, how they properly disassemble them? How can they match circuit?

    Firstly,They need to disassemble ultrasonic transducer of the positive and negative wires, and then applying the degumming syrup to the contacting surface. After that, using a wrench to disassemble screws, and at the same time, dealing with the contacting faces , so that the ultrasonic transducer can be smoothly removed. As for the matching circuit of the transducer, in general, there is a certain difference between different products, but it is commonly used for series inductance matching.

  • Is the upper limit of the operating voltage on the ultrasonic transducer?

    About ultrasonic transducer, the upper limit of the operating voltage is marked. Therefore, it cannot exceed assigned voltage . Otherwise, the transducer is easily damaged. For example, if the transducer is represented as PHA-34-12C, then its operating voltage is nominally 1500Vpp.

  • How to detect the impedance of the ultrasonic transducer? And, there are some impacts on the capacitance of the ultrasonic transducer?

    Ultrasound is better than the impedance of the transducer. If it is to be detected, it is relatively simple to use an impedance analyzer. If you don't have one, you can take a look at the book about acoustic measurement experiment, which has some corresponding methods for specific operations. As for the capacitance effect of the ultrasonic transducer, because it is only a manifestation, it will affect the specific aspect of the transducer matching.

  • Ultrasonic transducers, what kind of pulses do they need to generate or obtain ultrasound? How to confirm the resonance frequency ?

    About ultrasonic transducer, the pulse required is a high-frequency pulse signal, and is determined by its driving frequency. As for the resonant frequency of the transducer,you could inquire us, or the impedance analyzer can be used for detection, and the circuit can be used for detection.You can select an appropriate method according to the actual situation.

  • What is the relationship between the waveform and time of the piezoelectric ceramic is generate electricity and the force?

    If it is the force of the periodic change and continues to act on the piezo ceramic dics, then the piezoelectric ceramic will continue to generate electricity, and its waveform is close to sine wave. And if it is a momentary force, then it is close to the pulse on the waveform.

  • What should be paid attention to during the welding process of piezoelectric ceramic ?

    There are some precautions for the welding work of piezoelectric components .Specifically, it should not be too high in the welding time, it is not suitable for the process, otherwise it will affect the welding quality, and then affect the use of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet. The welding time is generally only a few seconds.

  • How is the vibration detection circuit of piezoelectric ceramic ?

    The vibration detection circuit of the piezo ceramic element is actually not complicated, you just connect the two electrodes on the oscilloscope. However, it should be noted that the voltage of the piezoceramic element chip is MV level. Also, if the signal amplitude is too low, a low-noise operational amplifier can be used to amplify the signal for observation.

  • About piezoelectric ceramic transducer, which is the effect of using piezoelectric ceramics?

    About piezoelectric ceramic transducers, which utilize the two major effects of piezoelectric ceramics, in particular, the transducers use the inverse piezoelectric effect when they emit, and they utilize positive piezoelectric effect when is receiving ,In turn, let this kind of transducer work and use normally.

  • Piezoelectric switches and piezoelectric ceramics, these have something in common?

    About piezoelectric ceramics and piezoelectric switches, these are something in common,  Because they are all the mutual conversion of pressure and electrical signals. However, piezoelectric ceramics convert electrical signals into pressure piezoelectric vibration sensor, and piezoelectric switches convert pressure into electrical signals.

  • Piezoelectric ceramics, can the voltage be generated to illuminate luminous diode or a flashlamp ?

    The voltage of piezoelectric ceramics is generated is so small ,which can only reach the micro-ampere level, for the luminous diode or or a flashlamp ,its voltage and current is 2.5V/0.02A.

  • About piezoelectric ceramics, why it has polarity?

    Piezoelectric ceramics have the polarity reason because when the piezoelectric ceramics are under stress, the two surfaces have the charge accumulation, thereby generating a certain voltage. Since the molecules are polar, they are divided into positive and negative electrodes. In the macroscopic terms, it is the accumulation of electric charges, and then the piezoelectric ceramics have positive and negative electrodes.

  • Is the piezoelectric ceramic crystal different from that of a quartz crystal?

    The crystal oscillator of the piezoelectric ceramic and the piezoelectric transducer quartz crystal oscillator are compared in terms of the two aspects, and there are certain differences, and the two are mainly on the accuracy and temperature stability. Moreover, relatively speaking, the accuracy of the quartz crystal oscillator can reach six decimal places.

  • About the piezoelectric ceramic materials, are their parameters variable?

    As for the piezoelectric ceramic materials, in general, whose parameters are invariable. However, it should be noted that the thickness and diameter of the piezoelectric ceramic.which have a certain influence on the dielectric constant and elastic stiffness of the piezoelectric sensor.

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