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Basics of Piezoelectric Ceramics

  • Jun
    Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducers: A New Technology in Environmental Monitoring?
    In recent years, with the increasingly prominent problems of environmental pollution and climate change, environmental monitoring has become a very important issue. Environmental monitoring is an important means to protect public health and human living environment. However, traditional environmenta
  • Feb
    Introduction to Piezoelectric Materials and Technical Parameters
    Piezoelectric materials are crystalline materials that generate a voltage between their two ends when pressure is applied. In 1880, French physicists P. Curie and J. Curie brothers discovered that when a heavy object is placed on a quartz crystal, some surfaces of the crystal will generate charges,
  • Feb
    Properties and functions of piezo ceramic materials
    Mechanical properties Piezoceramic materials are materials with good rigidity and high hardness among engineering materials, and their hardness is mostly above 1500HV. Ceramics have high compressive strength, but low tensile strength, poor plasticity and toughness. thermal properties Ceramic mater
  • Feb
    Piezoelectric Polarization and Hysteresis Loop
    Polarization of piezoelectric ceramics Before the piezoelectric ceramic material is not polarized, the free electrons are arranged in disorder; after the polarization treatment, remanent polarization is generated along the polarization direction to become an anisotropic polycrystal, the free electro
  • Feb
    Classification of piezoelectric materials of piezoceramics
    One is inorganic piezoelectric materials, which are divided into piezoelectric crystals and piezoelectric ceramics. Piezoelectric crystals generally refer to piezoelectric single crystals; piezoelectric ceramics generally refer to piezoelectric polycrystals.Piezoelectric ceramics refer to the polycr
  • Feb
    Polarization principle of high voltage piezoceramics
    The crystal grains inside piezoelectric ceramics have many spontaneously polarized electric domains, and they have a certain polarization direction. When there is no external electric field, the electric domains are randomly distributed in the crystal, and their polarization effects are canceled out
  • Feb
    Important Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics
    Important Applications of Piezoelectric Ceramics Piezoelectric ceramics have been widely used because of their piezoelectricity and the diversity of electromechanical properties caused by piezoelectricity. Due to the wide variety of piezoelectric ceramic device
  • Feb
    Working principle of piezoelectric ceramics in different application fields
    Piezoelectric hydrophone principle/working principle: Piezoelectric ceramics are used as the energy-transforming material. The piezoceramic tubes are arranged in two parallels to form a bamboo-shaped structure to improve the sensitivity and anti-interference ability of the hydrophone. The piezoelect
  • Dec
    Peking University uses 3D printing methods to make new progress in the research of flexible piezoelectric ceramic composites
    Piezoelectric materials have an excellent ability to convert mechanical force into electrical charge and vice versa. Piezoelectric ceramics such as lead zirconate titanate, lead magnesium niobate-lead titanate, etc. have been widely used in sensors, actuators, transducers and energy harvesters. Howe
  • Dec
    The application of piezoelectric ceramics in the field of shock absorption and actuation
    Piezoelectric shock absorption system The piezoelectric damping system can be divided into passive damping and active damping. Passive vibration reduction is to prepare a layer of resistive film on the surface of piezoelectric ceramics. The piezoelectric ceramic converts vibration or noise into elec
  • Dec
    What are the differences between single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheets and stacked piezoelectric ceramic sheets
    The cost of single-layer piezoelectric ceramics is very competitive, and its series resonance point is relatively high, which can exceed the megahertz level, and the vibration strength and output working capacity of the single-layer piezoelectric ceramics at the series resonance point are Quite larg
  • Dec
    production process of piezoelectric ceramics , good craftsmanship and good materials can have good products
    The piezoelectric ceramic sheet is a key component of the laser positioning system in the working process. When in use, it mainly uses the piezoelectric conversion characteristics of the piezoelectric ceramic. When in use, the length of the laser cavity is adjusted by adjusting the voltage to ensure
  • Dec
    What are the applications of piezoelectric ceramics in the medical device industry
    Piezoelectric ceramics are often used in the field of biomedicine for their wear resistance, long life and biocompatibility, but it is more than that. It is concluded that piezoelectric ceramics have great prospects in the medical device industry. In recent years, the medical device industry has con
  • Nov
    How does a piezoelectric ceramics sensor work and advantages of piezoelectric ceramics?
    What is a piezoelectric ceramics? Piezo ceramics ultrasonic sensor is a device that uses the piezoelectric effect to measure the electromotive force caused by the mechanical force applied to the piezoelectric material. They are based on the principle of electromechanical energy conversion, mainly me
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