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Basics of Piezoelectric Ceramics

  • Feb
    Piezoelectric Transducer application

    A ultrasonic transducer is a device that converts mechanical vibration into electrical signals or mechanical vibrations driven by an electric field. Piezoelectric polymer electroacoustic devices utilize the transverse piezoelectric effect of the polymer, while transducer design utilizes polymer piez

  • Jan
    Test principle of ultrasonic water flow sensor

    The water flow sensor measures the magnetic physical by using the hall effect of the hall element. A load resistor is connected to the positive pole of the hall element while a value of 5V is applied.The water flow transducer for flowmeter measures the magnetic physical quantity by using the Hall ef

  • Jan
    Application of high temperature piezoelectric ceramic materials

    1)Research status of high temperature piezoelectric ceramic materials: SiO2 is one of the earliest piezoelectric materials applied to devices. Due to its stable resonant frequency and good temperature stability, it is widely used in production control and management of all communication system. In c

  • Jan
    Description of piezoceramic ceramic material transducer

    About piezoelectric ceramic driver materials, piezoelectric ceramic displays high requirements on the properties of piezoelectric ceramic materials such as high voltage electrical strain constant, high curie point, high electromechanical coupling coefficient and high frequency constant. The most wid

  • Dec
    Application of Piezoelectric Ceramics in the Display Technology(二)

    Precise mechanical cutting method:Precision mechanical cutting is a common method of manufacturing piezoelectric micro devices. It uses a diamond cutter to cut a block of piezoelectric material or a thick film into micropillars and arrange them into an array for further assembly into a device. Howev

  • Dec
    Application of Piezoelectric Ceramics in the Display Technology(一)

    By using the inverse piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic, precise displacement control can be conveniently realized to form a piezoelectric ceramic actuator. In recent years, the research and application of piezoelectric ceramic actuators has developed rapidly, and has formed an import

  • Dec
    Application Research of Piezoelectric Ceramics in the Automobile Field(2)

    Pzt piezo ceramic actuators can be fabricated by using the inverse piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics, and are used in the automotive field to drive electric rearview mirrors, electric windows and doors, power seats, and the like. This kind of driving can greatly reduce the volume of the

  • Dec
    Application Research of Piezoelectric Ceramics in the Automobile Field

    piezoelectric ceramics vibration sensor are obtained by applying a DC strong electric field to a ferroelectric ceramic for polarization treatment. It is a special piezo ceramic material that can convert electrical energy and mechanical energy into each other. When the piezo ceramic is subjected to m

  • Dec
    applications of piezoelectric ceramics used for precision instruments

    Many applications of piezoelectric ceramics in the precise instruments, including testing equipment, shock absorbing equipment and feeding equipment. In the application of these three aspects, various scholars have proposed different application methods. There are similarities and differences, and t

  • Dec
    Mine inclinometer application of piezo ceramic

    Mine inclination measurement is a new technology for mine borehole measurement, and it is an important means for comprehensive advance detection and structural positioning. Due to its unique role in pre-exploration exploration of piezo ceramic tubes, a number of corresponding technical studies have

  • Dec
    Application of Piezoelectric Ceramic Used in Ultrasonic Distance Transducer

    In the past 20 years,piezoelectric crystal cost has developed rapidly at home and abroad. Due to their advantages of simple production, low cost and good stability, they have been widely used in the fields of electronics, light, heat and acoustics, and have a wide range. Ultrasonic transducers are m

  • Dec
    Concrete crack damage detection equipment application

    The increasingly performance of piezoelectric ceramic materials has made it the most widely used class of functional piezo ceramics. Not only used in industrial and civil products, such as ceramic filters, ceramic discriminators, ceramic attenuators in the communication equipment; underwater acousti

  • Nov
    Application of Piezoelectric Ceramics in Mechanical Systems

    Since the curie brothers discovered the piezoelectric effect of tourmaline in 1880, piezoelectric science has officially entered the stage of human science and technology civilization. Early theoretical research was mainly done by the curie brothers later. In 1881, the curie brothers verified the in

  • Nov
    Analysis of piezoelectric ceramic performance parameters

    The manufacture of excellent piezoelectric ceramic components usually requires requirements for the performance of piezoelectric ceramics. Because the performance of piezoelectric ceramics has a decisive influence on the quality of components. Therefore, to discuss and understand the components of p

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