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production process of piezoelectric ceramics , good craftsmanship and good materials can have good products

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The piezoelectric ceramic sheet is a key component of the laser positioning system in the working process. When in use, it mainly uses the piezoelectric conversion characteristics of the piezoelectric ceramic. When in use, the length of the laser cavity is adjusted by adjusting the voltage to ensure the positioning accuracy of the laser. , Widely used in navigation systems in aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields.



Piezoelectric ceramic crystals have improved the piezoelectric properties of this type of ceramics to a certain extent, and new high-performance piezoelectric ceramics have been developed and mass-produced. The micro-displacement compensation sheet developed by the project can completely replace imported products, and its profit can reach 200-300%. It can be widely used in navigation systems for aviation, aerospace, ships, etc., and has high economic and social benefits.


Ingredients for piezoelectric ceramic sheets

Piezoelectric ceramic chips need to be processed. Removal of impurities and moisture, and then weigh various raw materials according to the formula ratio, paying attention to a small amount of additives to be placed in the middle of the large material. Mixing and grinding: The purpose is to mix and grind various raw materials to prepare conditions for the complete solid-phase reaction of pre-burning. Generally, dry grinding or wet grinding is adopted. Dry milling can be used for small batches, and agitating ball milling or jet pulverization can be used for large batches, which has higher efficiency.


Burn-in of piezoelectric ceramic sheet


In the working process of piezoelectric ceramics transducer, various raw materials need to undergo solid-phase reaction at high temperature, which will directly synthesize piezoelectric ceramics. This process is very important. It will directly affect the sintering conditions and product performance. Secondary fine grinding: The purpose is to finely vibrate and mix the pre-fired piezoelectric ceramic powder to lay a solid foundation for the uniform performance of the porcelain.


The purpose of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet is to make the powder form high-density particles with good fluidity. Forming: The purpose is to press the pelletized material into a blank of the required prefabricated size. Plastic ejection: The purpose is to remove the binder added during granulation from the blank. Sintering into porcelain: the blank is sealed and sintered into porcelain at high temperature. This link is very important.

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