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What are the differences between single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheets and stacked piezoelectric ceramic sheets

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The cost of single-layer piezoelectric ceramics transducer is very competitive, and its series resonance point is relatively high, which can exceed the megahertz level, and the vibration strength and output working capacity of the single-layer piezoelectric ceramics at the series resonance point are Quite large, it is the advantage of a single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheet, but its disadvantage is that the driver has a high operating voltage when used under non-series resonance and the resulting offset is not large.


For the usual single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheet, the working voltage of the driver with a thickness of 1mm is 1000V (that is, 1000V/mm, different raw materials will be slightly different), and the offset caused by 1000V is 1μm (generally it will be less than 1μm) ), this is not suitable for high-precision practical operation of static data; the series resonance point of a single-layer piezoelectric ceramic chip is very high, but after it is installed in the machine equipment, its series resonance will be reduced. The actual size depends on the method of the assembly line and the addition Moment and force, etc. The characteristics of stacked piezoelectric ceramic sheets and single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheets are different.


Stacked piezoelectric ceramic sheets, because of the intersecting structure of the internal piezoelectric ceramic layer and the electrical level layer, and the piezoelectric ceramic layer is only tens of microns thick, the required operating voltage of the driver is relatively low, about 100V to 200V. Then a large deviation can be exceeded under a low operating voltage driver. For example, stacking piezoelectric ceramic sheets, stacking piezoelectric ceramic sheets with an aspect ratio of 18mm, can cause deviations of up to 28μm.



Converted high-performance piezoelectric ceramics into piezoelectric ceramics for mask machines


The piezoelectric ceramic technology developed by the Hannes team has realized the technological problem of polarization without requiring high pressure and high temperature conditions, and achieved a qualitative breakthrough in technology.


What is piezoelectric ceramics? Piezoelectric ceramics are a kind of functional ceramic materials that can convert mechanical and electrical energy to each other, and belong to inorganic non-metallic materials. Piezoelectric ceramics have sensitive characteristics and can convert extremely weak mechanical vibrations into electrical signals, which can be used in sonar systems, meteorological detection, telemetry, environmental protection, household appliances, etc.


The deformation of PZT piezoelectric ceramics under the action of electric field is very small, at most not more than one ten-millionth of its own size. Regardless of this small change, the precise control system made based on this principle-piezoelectric actuator, is very important for precision The control of instruments and machinery, microelectronics, bioengineering and other fields are all great boons.


Frequency control devices such as resonators and filters are the key equipment that determines the performance of communication equipment. Piezoelectric ceramics have obvious advantages in this regard. They have good frequency stability, high accuracy, and wide applicable frequency range, and are small in size. Moisture absorption and long life, especially in multi-channel communication equipment, it can improve the anti-interference ability and kill the previous electromagnetic equipment.


With strong technical accumulation, we have established an advanced material research and development department. Through self-built research and development, production lines, and optimized design structures, we produce series of PZT, NBT, CBNO, PMN-PT, composite piezoelectric ceramics and other multi-system piezoelectric materials. These piezoelectric ceramics have excellent electrical performance parameters and can be widely used in piezoelectric acceleration sensors, pressure sensors, transducers, piezoelectric motors and other fields. At the same time, the method of temperature drift compensation of multilayer ceramic composite is creatively proposed, which greatly improves the temperature drift problem of high-temperature piezoelectric acceleration sensors in high-temperature environments, and provides an important guarantee for the application of sensors in civil aviation and aerospace fields.



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