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The application of piezoelectric ceramics in the field of shock absorption and actuation

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Piezoelectric shock absorption system


The piezoelectric damping system can be divided into passive damping and active damping. Passive vibration reduction is to prepare a layer of resistive film on the surface of piezoelectric ceramics. The piezoelectric ceramic converts vibration or noise into electrical energy. The current is converted into heat energy through the resistive film, and the heat energy is exported through the heat conductor to reduce vibration and noise; Active vibration damping is to compound piezoelectric ceramics material on the object to be damped, convert its vibration waveform into a corresponding voltage signal, and add it to the transducer coupled to the vibrating part through phase adjustment and amplification for reverse vibration, thereby Suppress vibration and achieve the purpose of vibration reduction. There are not many applications of this kind at present, most of which are still in the experimental stage, such as computer noise reduction and shock absorption systems required by some military devices, etc., will have a good market prospect.


Piezoelectric ceramic elements are divided into single-chip transverse telescoping type, bending type, thickness laminated type, transverse laminated type, tube type, cymbal type, etc., which are widely used in aerospace, common rail injectors, high-speed smart valves, nano Positioning, fine processing, laser gyro micro-displacement compensation system, deformation control of deformable mirror, hard disk drive (magnetic head positioning), optical instrument (optical axis adjustment, focus adjustment), piezoelectric pump, knitted jacquard system, blind reader, etc.

Piezoelectric actuators are technically difficult. At present, only a few companies in the world can do it. China started late. At present, piezoelectric ceramic transducers have been widely used in computer jacquard knitting machines. Nano-positioning platforms and micro-processing micro-feeding systems are becoming more mature. , Domestic applications are gradually taking shape, and it is expected that a larger market will be formed in the future.


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