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Solutions for Ultrasonic Transducers in the Application of Two Major Industries in the Medical Industry

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Solutions for Ultrasonic Transducers in the Application of Two Major Industries in the Medical Industry


Piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers are sensors developed using the characteristics of ultrasonic waves. Ultrasound is a mechanical wave with a vibration frequency higher than that of sound waves, which is generated by the vibration of the transducer chip under the excitation of voltage. It has high frequency, short wavelength, small diffraction phenomenon, especially good directionality, and can be oriented as rays dissemination characteristics. Ultrasound has a great penetrating ability to liquids and solids, especially in solids that are opaque to sunlight, it can penetrate to a depth of tens of meters. Ultrasonic waves will produce significant reflections when they encounter impurities or interfaces to form echoes, and when they encounter moving objects, they will produce doppler effects. Therefore, ultrasonic detection is widely used in industry, national defense, biomedicine, etc. Ultrasonic range transducer is used as a detection method, and ultrasonic waves must be generated and received. The device that accomplishes this function is an ultrasonic sensor, or an ultrasonic transducers. Let's take a closer look at the application of ultrasonic transducers in medical and industrial fields.


Medical ultrasonic transducers are used in different aspects of production practice, and medical applications are one of their main applications. The application of ultrasound in medicine is mainly to diagnose diseases, and it has become the only diagnostic method in clinical medicine. The advantages of ultrasonic diagnosis are no harm to the subject, there is no harm, simple method, clear imaging, high diagnostic accuracy, etc., so it is welcomed by medical workers and patients. Ultrasonic diagnosis is based on the principle of ultrasonic reflection. When ultrasonic waves propagate in human tissue and encounter two media interfaces with different acoustic impedances, reflected echoes are generated at the interface. Every time a reflective surface is encountered, the echo is displaying.


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