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ultrasonic transducers

If you want to know more about the ultrasonic transducers, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the ultrasonic transducers industry. More news about ultrasonic transducers, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more ultrasonic transducers information!
  • May
    Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic mosquito repellent

    One: ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic transducer front and rear pressure block, ultrasonic vibration rod, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic crusher, ultrasonic vibrating screen and series of products .This product is widely used in industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment, ultrasonic welding equipme

  • Apr
    Analysis of application in the fields of ultrasonic transducers

    Ultrasonic transducers are widely used. They are divided into industry, agriculture, transportation, life, medical and military according to the applied industry. According to the functions realized, it is divided into ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, detection, moni

  • Mar
    What’s ultrasonic transducer

    A transducer (probe) is a device that converts physical energy into and out. An ultrasonic probe converts electrical energy into acoustic energy and converts acoustic energy into electrical energy. The energy conversion is realized. Therefore, the ultrasonic probe is also called an ultrasonic transd

  • Mar
    Basic theory of Ultrasonic testing technology

    Ultrasonic testing technology is a typical non-contact measuring method, which is based on electronics, materials science, physics, etc., and it is widely used. As a type of wave, ultrasonic transducers have all the properties of a wave. Ultrasonic testing is achieved by the physical process of ultr

  • Mar
    design of ultrasonic transmitting and receiving circuit

    Hardware circuit designThe square wave of 40 kHz transducer fishfinders ultrasonic sensor is programmed by the single chip , output by the P3.6 port, and then the ultrasonic transmitting probe is used to transmit the ultrasonic wave through the amplifying circuit. After the emitting ultrasonic wave

  • Jan
    performance index test of Ultrasonic sensor technology

    Ultrasonic sensor detection technologyThe ultrasonic transducers are a piezoelectric ceramic device that realizes bidirectional conversion of mechanical energy and electrical energy through a piezoelectric effect. Its propagation speed is 344m / s (25 degrees). The operating frequency is generally b

  • Oct
    Range of ultrasonic ranging system

    The ultrasonic ranging system developed has a range of more than 32 meters, a beamwidth of less than 100, and a bandwidth of about 4 kHz (22-25. 5 kHz). If a combined ultrasonic transducer structure is used, the bandwidth can be extended to 8 kHz. A large-range ultrasonic ranging system composed of

  • Sep
    How the combined transducer works

    The resonant frequency and bandwidth of ultrasonic transducers are selected from the PZT-5A piezoelectric ceramic disc polarized in the thickness direction as the transducer, and the radius R of the piezoelectric ceramic disc is 6mm and has a thickness h. The height of the outer surface of the inner

  • Sep
    theoretical analysis of vibration mode ultrasonic transducers

    When the axial and radial electromechanical factors of the disc-type piezoelectric vibrator are relatively strong, the one-dimensional theory established by the pure radial model or the pure thickness model is not accurate enough. Between the theoretical calculated value and the experimental value.

  • Sep
    Phase estimation method of ultrasonic transducers

    The phase estimation method of time delay estimation is a practical method to improve the accuracy of ultrasonic delay estimation. Based on the fact that for a simple harmonic, the fourier transform (DFT) can be used to calculate its fourier coefficient corresponding to the resonant frequency, and t

  • Sep
    Mechanism of ultrasonic range finder

    As the medium for transmitting information, ultrasonic is more and more important in various fields such as flaw detection, ranging, and speed measurement due to its direct and reflective properties and its characteristics that are not easily affected by external factors such as light and electromag

  • Sep
    What’s the ultrasonic ranging module transducer

    The main purpose of ultrasonic transducers is to measurement and alarm. The design involves more content, mainly combining the single-chip control module, ultrasonic ranging module, buzzer alarm module and 4-digit digital tube display module. The core of this design is the ultrasonic ranging module.

  • Aug
    The transducer used for a micro-displacement driving device

    The ultrasonic transducers is bonded with two symmetrical metal shells and piezoelectric ceramic discs are polarized in the thickness direction with super glue to form a metal-ceramic composite type, its working mechanism is transforming for the high-impedance,small-radial expansion and contraction

  • Aug
    Axial vibration of ultrasonic transducers

    The structure of the multi-node disk ultrasonic transducers, the horn function is to amplify the ultrasonic amplitude, and the large disk can improve the transducer's pointing. The working principle of this type of transducer is to connect a longitudinal conical horn and the longitudinal piezoelectr

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