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  • Jul
    Application of ultrasonic transducer sensor

    Ultrasonic sensors are used in the different aspects of production practice, and medical applications are one of their most important applications. The application of ultrasound in medicine is mainly to diagnose diseases, and it has become an indispensable diagnostic method in the clinical medicine.

  • Jul
    Types of ultrasonic transducers

    Ultrasonic transducers are also called for ultrasonic probes. Ultrasonic transducers have piezoelectric, magnetostrictive, and electromagnetic types. By the detection technology, piezoelectric type is mainly used.Due to their different structures, the transducer is divided into a straight probe, an

  • Apr
    Piezoelectric ceramic component used for electronic device

    Piezoelectric ceramic component used for electronic devicePiezoelectric ceramic transformer is a new type of solid state electronic device, compared with the traditional electromagnetic transformer, it has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, large pressure-swing ratio, good

  • Apr
    What’s the hardness tester

    What’s the hardness tester Test principleWith the development of monolithic technology in 1978, Dr. Leeb of Switzerland proposed a new method for measuring the hardness for the first time. Its basic principle is that a certain mass impact body effects the

  • Nov
    Why You're Still A Rookie In Ultrasonic Transducers

    Why You're Still A Rookie In Ultrasonic TransducersThe detected data are processed by computer to print out all defect reports, data of serious defects excavation and manuals of pipelines, which facilitate the maintenance of pipes and fully demonstrate the advanced

  • Aug
    Introduction of Ultrasonic Fuel sensor

    一、 Description: This ultrasonic fuel level detector uses the ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of fuel level in container and output a standard electrical signal after through circuit processing. Ultrasonic sensors outer adheres on the bottom of the fuel tank and no need

  • Aug
    Piezo Ceramic material introduce

    About the application of piezoelectric ceramic material is very much. Piezoelectric ceramic is a product of contemporary new technology, using a piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric effect is a kind of information conversion device, mainly used in sound transducer, piezoelectric det, piezoelectric li

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