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Application of power amplifier in acousto-optic mode conversion experiment based on piezoelectric ceramics

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Experiment name: Acousto-optic mode conversion experiment based on piezoelectric ceramics

Research direction: fiber mode

Experimental content: Use high frequency and high voltage signal to drive piezoelectric ceramics transducer to generate mode conversion

Test purpose: use the power amplifier to amplify the driving voltage to achieve high efficiency vibration of piezoelectric ceramics piezoelectric disc transducer

Test equipment: Piezoelectric ceramics

experiment procedure:

After the high-frequency sinusoidal signal (near 1 MHz) generated by the signal generator passes through the high-frequency voltage amplifier, the amplitude (peak-to-peak value) is amplified to about 100 volts, which can drive the piezoelectric ceramic transducer to vibrate well and produce what we need. High frequency effective vibration to achieve mode conversion experiment.



Test Results:

The amplitude of the signal voltage output by the signal generator is very low, and the driving ability for the piezoelectric ceramic sheet piezoelectric discs piezoelectric transducer is weak, and its vibration efficiency is very low, which cannot meet the high-frequency high-efficiency vibration we need for mode conversion. After the high-voltage power amplifier is added, the driving voltage is greatly increased, which makes the piezoelectric ceramic sheet have a strong vibration strength, and the generated acousto-optic effect is strong. The result of the mode coupling experiment is ideal.




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