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underwater ultrasonic transducer

If you want to know more about the underwater ultrasonic transducer, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the underwater ultrasonic transducer industry. More news about underwater ultrasonic transducer, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more underwater ultrasonic transducer information!
  • Mar
    design of ultrasonic transmitting and receiving circuit

    Hardware circuit designThe square wave of 40 kHz transducer fishfinders ultrasonic sensor is programmed by the single chip , output by the P3.6 port, and then the ultrasonic transmitting probe is used to transmit the ultrasonic wave through the amplifying circuit. After the emitting ultrasonic wave

  • Mar
    New structure underwater acoustic transducer

    Functional materials are important in the transducer, but they need to work through the appropriate structure, so the structure of the underwater ultrasonic transducer is designed.The development of transducer technology is particularly important. Depending on the application area and various techni

  • Mar
    Types and designs of underwater acoustic transducers(2)

    A flexural transducer is a type of transducer that utilizes the longitudinal vibration of a piezoelectric ceramic or a magnetostrictive rod to excite a radiating surface of an outer casing (or barrel beam) having an amplitude amplification effect for bending vibration. Types of flexural transducers,

  • Mar
    Types and designs of underwater acoustic transducers(1)

    Sound waves are the only carriers that humans have mastered to transmit information and energy over long distances in the vast sea. people use electromagnetic waves to develop radars. Similarly, people use sound waves as information carriers to develop underwater acoustic transducer. Electronic equi

  • Feb
    Basics of underwater acoustic transducer

    71% of the earth's surface area is the ocean. The ocean contains abundant biological and mineral resources, which is the second space for human survival and development in the future. Sonar is used for an underwater detection device, is an important helper for human development of the ocean, and is

  • Jan
    Test principle of ultrasonic water flow sensor

    The water flow sensor measures the magnetic physical by using the hall effect of the hall element. A load resistor is connected to the positive pole of the hall element while a value of 5V is applied.The water flow transducer for flowmeter measures the magnetic physical quantity by using the Hall ef

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