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New structure underwater acoustic transducer

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Functional materials are important in the transducer, but they need to work through the appropriate structure, so the structure of the underwater ultrasonic transducer is designed.The development of transducer technology is particularly important. Depending on the application area and various technical requirements, or according to different energy changes.The characteristics of the mechanism and functional materials have been introduced to various types of transducers, including the combination of multidisciplinary technologies and breakthroughs.to meet certain special technical requirements, high temperature superconducting magnetostrictive hydroacoustic transducer is a typical example.

The cymbm transducer is a new type of structural transducer similar to a ultrasonic depth sensor acoustic transducer. Each type transducer consists of a pair of PZT piezoelectrics.The piezo ceramic disc is bonded with a pair of metal caps, and the PZT piezoelectric ceramic disc applies an alternating voltage, which generates radial vibration to excite the metal cap to make bending vibration, and the metal cap of the transducer protrusion generates "flattening and shrinking". "Alternating vibration, radiating sound waves." When the alternating pressure wave acts on the metal cap, the pressure is transmitted to the PZT piezoelectric ceramic disc, and the alternating voltage is outputted at the two poles of the ceramic chip to be used as a receiving transducer. The resonant frequency of the depth sounder sensor transducer is 16.1 kHz, and the emission voltage response is 130 dB (reference value is loYa/v, lm). It also shows the photo of the 9 piezo element array using this transducer. A low frequency piezoelectric transducer that processes a piezoelectric ceramic into a coil spring shape, the piezoelectric ceramic is sterically polarized, and then constructs an excitation electrode pair, the electrode pair is in the direction of the coil spring, and the middle is electrodeless neutral. The segments are separated to form an outer ring electrode and an inner ring electrode . Thus, the excitation voltage is applied to the electrode pair, and the piezoelectric ceramics controlled by the ring electrode and the inner ring electrode pair generate opposite vibrations (stretching or contraction), and the expansion spring system telescopic movement drives the piston working surface to vibrate and radiate. Due to the low stiffness of this structure, it has a low resonant frequency and can be used as a low-frequency transmitting underwater acoustic transducer. It is also used as a receiver and has a high sensitivity in the low frequency range. Starting from the piezoelectric equation, the electromechanical conversion relationship of this type of transducer is obtained, and some exploratory research work is carried out.

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