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underwater acoustic transducer

These are related to the underwater acoustic transducer news, in which you can learn about the updated information in underwater acoustic transducer, to help you better understand and expand underwater acoustic transducer market. Because the market for underwater acoustic transducer is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Sep
    New developments piezo ceramics used in the underwater sonar transducers(2)

    Composite vector hydrophoneIn order to improve the detection performance of passive sonar, research has developed a vector hydrophone that can receive and utilize scalar parameters (sound pressure) and vector parameters (vibration speed) in the sound field, making full use of the information in the

  • Mar
    Application of Ultrasonic sensor

    The core of the underwater acoustic transducer is a piezoelectric wafer in its outer casing, and there are many kinds of materials constituting the wafer. The size of the wafer, such as diameter and thickness, varies, so the performance of each probe is different and its performance must be known be

  • Mar
    New hydrophone technology

    New hydrophone technologyThe underwater acoustic transducer for receiving underwater acoustic signals is called a water hammer, and the hydrophone includes a piezoelectric type, a magnetostrictive type, a moving coil type, and a piezoresistive type. Here, w

  • Mar
    New structure underwater acoustic transducer

    Functional materials are important in the transducer, but they need to work through the appropriate structure, so the structure of the underwater ultrasonic transducer is designed.The development of transducer technology is particularly important. Depending on the application area and various techni

  • Mar
    Types and designs of underwater acoustic transducers(1)

    Sound waves are the only carriers that humans have mastered to transmit information and energy over long distances in the vast sea. people use electromagnetic waves to develop radars. Similarly, people use sound waves as information carriers to develop underwater acoustic transducer. Electronic equi

  • Mar
    Research on underwater acoustic transducer in submarine communication

    Submarine intelligent includes underwater acoustic communication,One of the technical difficulties to overcome the intelligent for submarine pipeline maintenance is how to realize the underwater communication system of the intelligent to complete the remote operation of the platform. Due to the par

  • Feb
    Basics of underwater acoustic transducer

    71% of the earth's surface area is the ocean. The ocean contains abundant biological and mineral resources, which is the second space for human survival and development in the future. Sonar is used for an underwater detection device, is an important helper for human development of the ocean, and is

  • Oct
    Long range ultrasonic ranging transducer system

    In the ultrasonic ranging system, the performance of the ranging algorithm directly affects the performance of the ranging system;The operation speed of the method directly affects the performance of the ranging system. From the perspective of information theory, the ultrasonic ranging process is ac

  • Oct
    array receiver of ultrasonic transducer

    Mainly introducing the connection mode of the ultrasonic transducer array (auxiliary receiver) output port. The next chapter studies the design problem of the receiving and transmitting circuit of the disc-type piezoelectric transducer (main transducer), The circuit-assisted receiver array consists

  • Sep
    Impedance characteristics of piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers

    A physical picture of a piezoelectric disc-type transducer designed and fabricated. In order to reduce the influence of multipath noise, using the aforementioned sound field Fresnel zone, the ultrasonic transducer is slightly higher than the radiating surface (or acoustic window) of the piezoelectri

  • Aug
    Ultrasonic vehicle ranging sensor and its performance

    In order to facilitate the application and significance of the research topic of the large range ultrasonic ranging system in the following chapters, it is first necessary to understand the research status and development trend of the current automotive ranging sensor technology field. a brief intro

  • Aug
    ultrasonic sensors used for sonar systems in the water

    Ultrasonic sensors for range-finding are the basis of many robotic and automaticapplications, such as obstacle avoidance and collision warning systems of cars, self-guidedautonomous vehicles, fieldwork robots and so on. However, there is specified restriction when anairborne ultrasonic transducer is

  • Aug
    Performance and frequency of ultrasonic transducer

    What’s the common method for measuring the speed of ultrasonic transducers?Among the method about measuring speed of Ultrasonic distance measuring transducer, a resonance method is commonly used, transducers emit similar sound wave of plane wave and then reflected and superimposed by the sound wave

  • Jul
    Typical applications of piezoelectric ceramics in the Piezohannas

    1.Applications in medical and beauty products.Ultrasonic beauty is generated a high frequency alternating current by generator , which make the piezoelectric chip to generate ultrasonic waves. It mainly uses the mechanism of ultrasonic waves on human skin and superficial tissues. In the medical, the

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