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These are related to the Piezo Disc Sensor news, in which you can learn about the latest trends in Piezo Disc Sensor and related information industry, to help you better understand and expand Piezo Disc Sensor market.
  • Dec
    Explanation of piezoelectric ceramic vibration frequency and application on transducer

    For piezoelectric ceramic transducers, an alternating current frequency will be generated after the application of alternating current. If the frequency is exactly equal to the natural frequency of the piezoelectric ceramic, the piezoelectric ceramic will generate resonance frequency. In addition, t

  • Oct
    Principle of piezoelectric effect and its application of piezo ceramics

    When some dielectrics are deformed by an external force in a certain direction, polarization occurs inside them, and positive and negative opposite charges appear on the two opposite surfaces thereof. When the external force is removed, it will return to the uncharged state. This phenomenon is calle

  • Oct
    Non-destructive testing of structures by ultrasonic method

    With the propagation of ultrasonic vibration in the medium, its essence is the mechanical vibration is propagating in the elastic medium in the form of wave, it is generally considered that its frequency should be above 20 kHz. Ultrasonic non-destructive testing commonly used at 0 4 to 5 MHz. Ultras

  • Oct
    Application of piezoelectric ceramics transducer

    Application of piezoelectric ceramics transducerPiezoelectric ceramics have been widely used due to their piezoelectricity and the resulting diversity of electromechanical properties. These applications can generally be divided into two broad categories, namely as piezoelectric vibrators. When is us

  • Oct
    Research on Piezoelectric Ceramic Polarization Device for Ultrasonic Motor

    Ultrasonic motor is a new type of motor driven by piezoelectric ceramic excitation ultrasonic wave. It has the advantages of low speed and large torque, low inertia, fast response and no interference from magnetic field. Due to the above advantages of ultrasonic motor, ultrasonic motor technology ha

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