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Explanation of piezoelectric ceramic vibration frequency and application on transducer

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For piezoelectric ceramic transducers, an alternating current frequency will be generated after the application of alternating current. If the frequency is exactly equal to the natural frequency of the piezoelectric ceramic, the piezoelectric ceramic will generate resonance frequency. In addition, the larger the high quality piezo disc area, the lower the natural vibration frequency. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes.

Specifically, the principle of the piezoelectric ceramic transducer sheet is that through the action of sound waves, induced charges are generated at both ends of the transducer, and vibration and sound waves are generated by the piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric ceramic, so that the ultrasonic transducer can normal work and use.

If the piezoelectric ceramic transducer is not polarized, the direction of movement of its medium is chaotic and there is no uniform directionality, so it will not have piezoelectricity, so it can only show its piezoelectricity by polarization. The ultra-thin piezoelectric ceramic horn combines a very thin piezoelectric ceramic and a thin metal sheet to form a diaphragm.

Piezo disc sensor is a simple and lightweight electro-acoustic device. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, no magnetic field diffusion and overflow, no copper wires and magnets, low cost, low power consumption, convenient maintenance, and easy mass production. is widely used. It is suitable for the transmission and reception of ultrasonic and infrasound waves. Large-area piezoelectric ceramics can also use pressure and vibration detection. The working principle is to use the reversibility of the piezoelectric effect to apply audio voltage to them to generate mechanical vibrations, thereby emitting sound. If pressure is continuously applied to the piezoelectric ceramic, it will also generate voltage and current. The above content is about piezoelectric ceramic transducers. At the same time, they must be clearly known to all of us, because they are not only important content, but also may be encountered in our actual work. Therefore, we must only firmly grasp They can solve the problem smoothly, so that it will not affect the use of piezo ceramic disc transducers and their correct application.

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