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Successfully high-performance piezoelectric ceramic products are changed into mask machines

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In this spring of 2020, Wuhan Piezohannas Technology Co., Ltd. completed a new challenge-with the accumulation of strong piezoelectric ceramic technology, it successfully converted high-performance piezo disk transducer products into piezoelectric ceramics for mask machines.

Wuhan Piezohannas Technology is a company with comprehensive capabilities in chip and ultrasonic sensor material synthesis, chip design, manufacturing, packaging and testing. With the strong technical force, rapid response and active action, when the new coronary pneumonia epidemic rages around the world,To contribute its due strength to protect human health. The piezoelectric ceramic technology developed by the material team of Wuhan Piezohannas Technology Co., Ltd. has realized the process problem of polarization without high pressure and high temperature, and achieved a qualitative breakthrough in technology.

What is piezoelectric ceramic? piezoelectric ceramic transducers is a kind of functional ceramic material that can convert mechanical and electrical energy to each other. It is an inorganic non-metallic material .piezoelectric ceramics have sensitive characteristics and can convert extremely weak mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. They can be used in sonar systems, meteorological detection, telemetry environmental protection, household appliances, etc.


Schematic diagram of the principle of piezoelectric effect.The deformation of piezoelectric ceramics under the action of an electric field is very small, at most not exceeding one ten millionth of its own size. Don’t look at this small change, the precise control system made based on this principle—— Piezo drivers are a great boon for the control of precision instruments and machinery, microelectronic technology, bioengineering and other fields. Frequency control devices such as resonators and filters are the key equipment to determine the performance of communication equipment. Piezoelectric ceramics have obvious advantages in this respect. It has good frequency stability, high accuracy and wide applicable frequency range. Moisture absorption, long life, especially in multi-channel communication equipment can improve anti-interference, spike the past electromagnetic equipment.


For production process of piezoelectric ceramics,Why can Wuhan Piezohannas Technology Co., Ltd. produce piezoelectric ceramics? First, there is a strong accumulation of technology. Established an advanced materials R&D department. Through self-built R&D and production lines, Hangners Technology Co., Ltd. produced a series of PZT, NBT, CBNO, PMN-PT, composite piezoelectric ceramics and other multi-system piezoelectric materials by optimizing the design structure. These Piezoelectric ceramics have excellent electrical performance parameters and can be widely used in piezoelectric acceleration sensors, pressure sensors, transducers, piezoelectric motors and other fields. At the same time, it creatively proposes a multi-layer ceramic composite temperature drift compensation method, which greatly improves the temperature drift problem of high-temperature piezoelectric acceleration sensors in high-temperature environments, and provides an important guarantee for the application of sensors in the field of civil aviation and aerospace.


(A) SEM photo of bismuth layered piezoelectric ceramics (the real image in the upper right corner) and (b) sensitivity drift-temperature curve of the high-temperature composite piezoelectric chip piezoelectric ceramic performance parameter table.


Second Wuhan Piezohannas Technology Co., Ltd has been developing and manufacturing products and services for improving human health, environment and safety in awe of life. Which can best describe what happened after the outbreak. As of the end of 2019, China's annual production of masks was 8 billion. After the outbreak, many companies such as Sinopec, Foxconn, Shanghai GM Wuling, BYD and other companies have magically transformed, and they began to work part-time as mask manufacturers. Expansion of production capacity does not happen overnight. Let me ask the soul first, where does the mask machine come from? On February 6th, which spread the hero post on the official velvet cloth, who has a mask machine? Facing the severe epidemic situation and the shortage of mask machines, PZT materials urgently developed piezoelectric ceramic products dedicated to mask machines. Compared with other pzt ceramics, this piezoelectric plate ultrasound has a large size and high process difficulty. Especially for the high-voltage polarization process, Wuhan Piezohannas Technology Co., Ltd has broken through the difficulties of the process through the transformation of its own polarization equipment, greatly reducing the polarization voltage (several thousand volts) and polarization time, and shortening the duration of the entire project. A technological breakthrough was achieved for the later production of other types of piezoelectric ceramic products. With strong technical reserves, Wuhan Piezohannas Technology Co., Ltd improved the test on the basis of the original formula, after mixing grinding, calcination, secondary fine grinding, granulation, molding, plastic discharge.... high-pressure polarization, aging test and other processes , On the basis of ensuring product quality and ensuring that each process is perfect, deliver to customers as quickly as possible. Subsequent will continue to meet the demand for piezoelectric ceramics for mask machines. "During the epidemic period, the piezoelectric ceramics will be produced as soon as possible. When the mask machines are supplied as soon as possible, more masks will be delivered to the people who need them most.

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