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Structure of ultrasonic transducer

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  Ultrasonic transducer is a device that transmits and receives ultrasonic waves during ultrasonic testing. The performance of the probe directly affects the characteristics of the ultrasonic wave and the detection performance of the ultrasonic wave. The ultrasonic sensor is used in ultrasonic testing is a transducer that uses the piezoelectric effect of the material to convert electrical and acoustic energy. The key component in the probe is the wafer. The wafer is a single crystal or polycrystalline sheet with piezoelectric effect. Its function is to convert electrical energy and acoustic energy to each other.



Take the piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer as an example, it is mainly composed of piezoelectric wafer, damping block, cable, connector, protective film, shell, inclined wedge.

   Piezoelectric Wafer: Transmit and receive ultrasonic waves with piezoelectric effect. Different shapes and materials;

   Damping block: It can damp the vibration of the wafer. Absorb the ultrasonic wave emitted by the wafer to its back;

  Protection film: protect the wafer and electrode layer from being worn, improve the coupling between the probe and the test piece;

  Wedge: Make the ultrasonic wave ultrasonic transducer sensor obliquely incident on the detection surface, so that the ultrasonic wave reflected multiple times no longer returns to the wafer.


What is the role of ultrasonic probe

   The main role of ultrasonic probe:

   One is to convert the returned sound waves into electrical pulses;

The second is to control the propagation direction of ultrasonic waves titanium-housed ultrasonic transducer and the degree of energy concentration. When the incident angle of the ultrasonic transducer is changed or the diffusion angle of ultrasonic waves is changed, the main energy of the sound waves can be injected into the medium at different angles or the directivity of the sound waves can be changed to improve the resolution. ;

   The third is to realize the waveform conversion;

  Fourth is to control the working frequency, suitable for different working conditions.

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