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principles of ultrasonic transducer sensors

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principles of ultrasonic transducer sensors

                                                         Principles of Ultrasonic Transducer Sensors

The ultrasonic transducer sensor utilizes the vibration of the head piezo ceramic, to produce high frequency that cannot be heard . If the sound wave encounters an object, the sensor can receive the returning wave. The ultrasonic transducer can determine the distance of the object by the wavelength of the acoustic wave , transmitting the acoustic wave and time difference of receiving return wave. A ultrasonic sensor can have close distance measurement and far distance by the button to set, the sensor can be detect regardless of where the object is in that boundary. There are some ultrasonic sensors that use separate emitters and receivers, when detecting slow object ,need fast vibration or applied in humid environments. Ultrasonic transducer sensors are so suitable for opposite-type and disconnect-type. when detecting transparent objects, liquids, smooth, rough and shiny ones, translucent material surfaces, and detecting irregular objects.Ultrasonic sensors mainly are made up the ultrasonic piezo crystal, both can launch ultrasound, and receive ultrasound. low power ultrasonic probe has detecting function. It has many different structures, separable probe (longitudinal wave), oblique probe (shear wave), surface wave probe (surface wave), Lamb wave probe (Lamb wave), double probe (a probe reflection, a probe receiver, etc. The core of an ultrasonic probe is a piezoelectric chip packed with plastic jacket or metal jacket. The PZT material P5 of chip has the many different sizes, diameters and thicknesses, so the performance of each probe is different. you must know its performance in advance.



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