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physical properties of piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors used for the beauty sector

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 physical properties of piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors used for the beauty sector

                                  physical properties of piezoelectric ultrasonic sensors used for the beauty sector

Absorption of ultrasound piezoelectric is related to its frequency,the frequency is the lower ,absorption is the lower , whereas the frequency is the high,absorption is the high, and the ability to penetrate body is the lower. Ultrasound in the application of piezo ceramic sphere for beauty care: the elimination of red face, softening thrombosis, facial vascular deformation of the blood circulation disorder, emerge a red silk of face, gathered from the massive erythema, and some are left by the skin Sequelae due to misuse of the cosmetics , or because of some mites and the skin follicles, it will damage the skin . Usually the drug of beauty, it is difficult to improve cure, especially the deformation of the microvascular, it is said to be unable to apply. Ultrasound can cause the movement of the media particles, the movement of the particle displacement and speed is not large, but it is proportional to the square of the ultrasonic vibration frequency , sometimes more than tens of times the acceleration of gravity. Such a large acceleration is enough to damage biological tissue, But for the general treatment of cosmetic dose, the sound intensity is small, will only produce changes of pressure, usually in the body tissue caused by the pressure does not exceed 3 atmospheric pressure (approximately 0.3 M p).ultrasound 1.25 MFz is as for a example, each cell to withstand the pressure change is about 4 ~ s m. This change of pressure does not cause cell damage, but the cells produce volume and movement changes. This superfine change, can play a role in massage in the human body , called the massage .This facial massager can stimulate the semipermeable membrane dispersion process, enhance the regeneration process of tissue , accelerating the metabolism, but also can cause cell internal structural changes, the density of media is related to the capacity of material absorption of ultrasound ,thermal conductivity and viscosity . high density means large absorption ,large viscosity means less absorption. Application of ultrasonic pulse therapy, with the appropriate blood stasis ointment, due to the ultrasound mechanical effects, physical and chemical effects and thermal effects, which massages deformation of the blood vessels , softening thrombosis, dilation of blood vessels, promote blood reflux and metabolism, Microvascular correction, return to normal, thus eliminating the red face. Ultrasonic mechanical action is one of the main mechanisms of ultrasound biological and ultrasound therapy, it can cause cell changes and hemolysis process, ultrasound treatment of swelling, antispasmodic, analgesic, and softening scars, etc., are with the fine massage In the body can enhance the penetration, promote blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system and soften the tissue, so the role of ultrasound is considered to be the main role of ultrasound treatment and biological effects.

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