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applications of ultrasonic distance transducer

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applications of ultrasonic distance transducer

                                                                     applications of ultrasonic distance transducer

 the basic principle of ultrasonic distance measurement is that the ultrasonic emission transducer emits waves, waves encountered by the measured object to return the ultrasonic receiver sensor, according to the transmission time of wave, you can calculate the measurement distance, waves are in the propagation speed of media . The principle of ultrasonic distance measurement is simple, the data processing speed is fast, the installation and maintenance is convenient and the cost is low. Widely used in the liquid level measurement, the robot obstacle avoidance and the accurate ranging location . Scientists have designed a ultrasonic level measurement system based on wireless  transmission, which can simultaneously measure the liquid level of multiple reservoirs. The temperature compensation circuit is used in the system to improve the measurement accuracy. There are two ultrasonic sensors to detect the obstacle information when the robot is  walking, and realize the obstacle avoidance function of the mobile robot. However, only the distance information of the target can be obtained, and the boundary information of the target can not be obtained accurately.Installation of an ultrasonic transmitter at a plurality of known locations in the room, mounting of the receiver on a mobile robot, and combining an extended  filter to achieve precise positioning of the indoor mobile robot. In order to overcome the blind spot of ultrasonic sensor, a sensing system based on ultrasonic sensor and infrared sensor. The infrared sensor is used to compensate the detection area of the ultrasonic sensor and improve the sensing range. It is well obtained in the obstacle avoidance and navigation of mobile robot. Scientists have designed a single chip as main-control chip, CPLD is responsible for the generation of ultrasonic wave, transmission and reception of ultrasound and ultrasonic propagation time for high-speed counting, and the use of digital temperature sensor compensates the ultrasonic ranging system, reducing the ultrasonic timing error and sound velocity error, to achieve a high precision distance measurement.

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