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Why Is Piezo Crystals The Most Trending Thing Now?

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 Why Is Piezo Crystals The Most Trending Thing Now?

                         Why Is Piezo Crystals The Most Trending Thing Now?

Based on development of piezoelectric ceramic material and its new application, while the reaction electronic 1 Mhz piezoelectric disc crystals is between PZT powder particles synthesized by solid-phase reaction is 47 ℃, the volatilization temperature low frequency piezo tube datasheet of PbO is 1 213. 29℃. Therefore, an effective method of synthesis, preparation of ultra-fine PZT powder can control the buy piezoelectric ceramic discs sintering temperature below the PbO volatilization temperature, which can completely solve the problem of lead volatilization. Hydrothermal method has the advantages of small particle size, narrow particle size distribution, good crystallinity and good dispersibility, as well as good control of particle size, morphology and particle size distribution, which is a high practical industrialized prospect quality powder preparation method. Piezoelectric ceramics is not only greatly improve the piezoelectric properties, of which the ceramic has the largest series of TiO3 piezoelectric constant, d33 = 173 ×10-12 CPN. Compared with the traditional process, d33 is increased by nearly 40%. Moreover, within a certain range, with the increase of Ba content, the discs transducer PZT materials remanent polarization Pr and the coercive field Ec is gradually decreased, and the depolarization temperature decreases gradually. sol - aircraft piezoelectric disc transducer has the advantages of low cost, simple process and simple equipment, and is one of the most widely used wet chemical preparation methods. Recently, State Key Laboratory of Ceramics, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University is successfully synthesized high density (> 90%) BaTiO3 nanocrystalline discharge plasma (SPS) with a grain size of 80 nm by using the discharge plasma method (SPS) Sintering method, compared with the traditional sintering method, SPS sintering holding time is short, high density after sintering, grain growth can be significantly inhibited in the late sintering. PZT is based on piezoelectric ceramics in addition to improving the production process, but also for chemical composition changes to achieve modification. Such as equivalent ion substitution, such as modified additives. PZT-4, PZT-5A, PZT-6B and the like obtained by this method all have their own characteristics.

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