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What is the pressure resistance of ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramics?

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Single-layer piezoelectric ceramics, also commonly referred to as ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic sheets, contain only one piezo ceramic crystals inside, and there is no electrode layer inside, and the outer surface has only electrode layers. Unlike multilayer piezoelectric ceramics, there are many ceramics inside Layer and electrode layer. Cutting can be performed without damaging the positive and negative electrodes corresponding to the single-layer ceramic.
Ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic sheets are usually screen-printed silver electrodes with a thickness of about several micrometers to several tens of micrometers, and can also be customized with nickel, gold, silver, and other electrodes. The standard electrodes of single-layer piezoelectric ceramics are up and down, one side is positive and the other is negative. The standard electrodes of tubular single-layer ceramics are inner and outer wall electrodes, the inner wall is positive, and the outer wall is negative. In addition to standard electrodes, we can also provide special electrodes, such as electrode winding electrodes, which can lead positive and negative electrodes to the same side, showing the standard optional WAE electrode form. Generally, the electrode wound from the other side is negative Electrode, the other area is the positive electrode.

Withstand voltage performance of single-layer piezoelectric ceramic layer: The voltage that a single-layer piezoelectric ceramic can withstand is related to its thickness. Generally, 1 mm thick ceramic nozzles can withstand 1 kV voltage, 2 mm thick ceramic nozzles can withstand 2 kV voltage, etc. . The pressure resistance of tubular ceramics is related to wall thickness. Generally, 1 mm wall thickness ceramic Zui can withstand 1kV voltage, 2 mm wall thickness ceramic Zui can withstand 2kV voltage, etc.

Typical applications of ultrasonic piezo ceramic crystal quartz sheet materials:

Ultrasonic cleaning, underwater ultrasound, medical applications-beauty equipment, piezoelectric motor drive, resonance mode applications.

Ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic atomizer, underwater ultrasonic, medical application, piezoelectric motor drive, resonance mode application, ignition squeeze type.

Ultrasonic welding, high-frequency sonar, high-frequency medical applications.

Ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic glue solvent, high-frequency high-power sonar, high-frequency high-power medical applications.

Low power and low frequency ultrasonic / acoustic sensors, force and ultrasonic sensors, ultrasonic sensor / receiver systems, sensors, accelerometers, hydrophones, flow meters, non-destructive testing NDT, actuators (single-layer ceramic and single-layer ceramic stacks) .

Shear accelerometers, gyroscopes, all applications that generally require high temperature and time stability.
Medical imaging, water diagnostics, non-destructive testing, actuators, and generally all applications that require high dielectric constant and high voltage constant.

Medical imaging, water diagnostics, non-destructive testing, actuators, inkjet printers, broadband sensor arrays, and imaging systems require applications with high dielectric constants and high voltage constants, as well as temperature-limited applications.

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