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PZT-5H Pzt Disk Piezoelectric Disc for Knock Sensors

diameter :15mm
material: PZT-5H

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                            PZT-5H Pzt  Disk Piezoelectric Disc for Knock Sensors

WuHan Piezohannas Tech.Co .,Ltd is a manufactuer of piezoelectric ceramics ,ultrasonic transducers with strong technology force.With a quality management system and research & development sector,our products are extensively used in most applications.


pzt ceramic powder


PZT material piezoelectric disk

31AFB9AEF0A775B05FBF843CEB753E4E.jpg  PZT material piezoelectric disk

Piezo Ceramics Disc Description:


Diameter :15mm
Material: PZT-5H

Knock Sensors Application:

A knock sensor consists of a piezo-ceramic ring or piezo disc, a seismic mass and contact electrodes. The complete unit is attached to the engine block at an appropriate location. The engine vibrations accelerate the knock sensor and the seismic mass generates a force on the piezo-ceramic ring. The ring then generates an electrical signal equivalent to the vibrations in a wide frequency range. If the engine starts to “knock” due to lower octane gasoline or changing operating conditions, the signal is detected by the evaluation electronics and the ignition map is readjusted accordingly. This intelligent engine management allows combustion to take place very close to the knocking limit, which ultimately lowers fuel consumption.

Standard Size of Piezo Discs:

range of piezo disc to produce:

Diameter: 2mm-120mm

PZT 5H Material:


PZT-5H has even higher sensitivity and permittivity than PZT-5A, and is in most other respects similar to PZT-5A. Its markedly lower Curie point, however, limits the working temperature range and leads to lower temperature stability. PZT-8 is similar to PZT-4, but has even lower dielectricand mechanical losses under high electric drive.It is recommended for applications requiring higher power handling capability than is suitable for PZT-4.


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