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Ultrasonic transducer, ultrasonic deburring

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In the past 20 years, the development of ultrasonic cleaning has been stagnation, which is partly due to the misunderstanding of the basic understanding of ultrasonic deburring. With the advancement of peripheral technologies, such as metering technology and sheet metal technology, ultrasonic cleaning systems have been rapidly developed according to user requirements. However, the basic structure of the ultrasonic cleaning technology has not changed much except for a very small part. If the ultrasonic cleaning transducer technology itself is not completely innovated, the ultrasonic cleaning technology will not be able to follow the trend of the times. In order to fully utilize the innovative ultrasonic cleaning technology of the new era (ie, ultrasonic deburring technology), it is necessary to deeply understand why ultrasonic waves can remove burrs and other principles and eliminate misunderstandings about their principles.

Ultrasonic deburring is performed by a vacuum cavitation (referred to as a cavity) generated by a strong ultrasonic wave in a liquid, and then deburring by utilizing a high-pressure water flow impact force of the cavity at the time of generation and disappearance. The strength of the dense radium ultrasonic deburring technology (power per square centimeter) is 10 to 20 times that of the ordinary ultrasonic cleaning machine. The holes are evenly densely packed in the water tank, and the batch parts can be simultaneously in 5 to 10 minutes. To complete some functions you need:

1 remove tiny burrs
2 improve cleanliness
3 improve workpiece performance

Theoretical basis:
The cavitation effect is the essential characteristic of high power ultrasonic transducer application. The cavitation effect refers to the various forms of activity exhibited by microbubbles under the action of ultrasound. These microbubbles may be rapidly increased or rapidly compressed under the action of high pressure Rapid rupture or collapse is emitting a powerful shock wave;

In cavitation, the intensity of the shock wave generated when the bubble is closed is the largest; the maximum radius when the bubble expands is Rm, the minimum radius when the bubble is closed is R, and the maximum pressure generated from the expansion to the closed at 1.857R from the center of the bubble Pmax=P04-4/3(Rm/R)3 can be reached; when R→0, Pmax→∞; according to the estimation of the test, the local pressure can reach thousands of atmospheres, which shows the huge effect of cavitation.

Ultrasonic cavitation is required in the liquid to have a minimum sound pressure amplitude acting on the liquid. This minimum sound pressure amplitude is called the cavitation field. For example, when the ultrasonic frequency is 15KHZ, the sound intensity required to generate cavitation needs 0.16 W/cm2 to 2.6 W/cm2, and the cavitation intensity of ordinary ultrasonic equipment is only 0.5 W/cm2 to 0.8 W/cm2, which is insufficient to generate enough space. which is why ordinary ultrasonic waves need to add cleaning agent during the demonstration, because the cleaning agent can help the ultrasonic wave to generate holes; and the powerful ultrasonic deburring cleaning equipment of distribution can achieve 3 W without the dependence of the cleaning agent. /cm2 ~ 3.5W / cm2, resulting in dense and evenly distributed holes.

The strong ultrasonic frequency ranges from 20,000 times/second to 80,000 times/second. The statistical results of the test show that the fatigue strength of the sample after strong ultrasonic shock treatment is about 37.9% higher than that of the non-impacted sample, and its fatigue life is not The impact sample is 1.85 to 11 times.

Process characteristics:

High efficiency industrial ultrasonic transducers does not affect the workpiece size and surface roughness, pure water physical impact is not polluting the environment, but for some of the combined force of the large flange removal effect is poor, you need to do some improvement in the process of the workpiece and then deburring.

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