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Twelve pictures show you how the structure of the ultrasonic cleaning transducer

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ultrasonic cleaning transducerultrasonic cleaner transducer

piezoelectric ceramic ring

The ultrasonic cleaner transducer accessories in these pictures are all produced by our company, and there are detailed videos in the installation.

piezoelectric ceramic ring transducer

Ultrasonic vibrator assembly is in progress...

ultrasonic transducer vibration cleaning transducer

Ultrasonic vibrators, also called ultrasonic vibrators, are one type of ultrasonic transducers.These two pictures are taken from the video. During the production process, the frequency of the ultrasonic transducer vibration cleaning is fixed, and the ultrasonic vibrator produced is the same frequency model.

ultrasonic cleaning transducer

This link is: piezoelectric ceramic coating
Piezoelectric ceramic coating requirements:
1. Pay attention to whether the electrode piece is inclined and bent, and whether the product is not positioned properly;
2, to ensure that the back cover, front cover, ceramic glued parts are evenly glued;
3. There is no glue in the tin plate of the electrode piece;
4. Find problems and feedback and deal with them in time.About production process of ultrasonic vibrator structure ,The following picture shows the addition of tin to the ultrasonic vibrator electrode. The electrode needs to be tinned: 1. Check whether the electrode piece is bent or deformed, and whether the ceramic piece is coated with less or less. 2. The tin soldering parts are evenly soldered, with no soldering or no soldering. 3. Find problems and feedback and deal with them in time.

cleaning transducer

The finished ultrasonic vibrator is arranged neatly on the workbench for final performance testing and high pressure testing.

cleaning transducer


Testing requirements:
Requires 100% product inspection without product inspection;Non-conforming products are required to be marked and indicate the cause of the defect; Find problems and feedback and deal with them in time.ultrasonic vibrator structure production process of piezoelectric transducer ring and ultrasonic vibrator structure production process. 

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