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This Year Will Be The Year of Ultrasonic Transducers

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This Year Will Be The Year of Ultrasonic Transducers

                                     This Year Will Be The Year of Ultrasonic Transducers

The basic principle of the optical fiber sensor is to send the light from the light source into the modulation area through the optical fiber. In the modulation area, the transducer for distance measuring parameters of the outside interact with the light entering the modulation area is to change the intensity, frequency, phase and polarization of light into modulated signal light, and then sent through optical fiber detector, to obtain the measuring physical quantity. Fiber optic sensors of ultrasonic range finder distance are divided into measuring objects: optical fiber temperature sensor, position sensor, flow sensor, force sensor, speed sensor, magnetic field sensor, voltage sensor, optical fiber image sensor and medical optical fiber sensor. Fiber optic sensors according to their sensing principle can be divided into two categories: one is the light-type sensor, the other is the sensor-type sensor.In the light-transmitting optical fiber sensor, the optical fiber only serves as a medium for transmitting light, and the feeling of the external information is achieved by using other functional elements.

The optical fiber in the light-transmitting sensor is discontinuous with the sensitive element in the middle. The sensing-type optical fiber sensor uses the sensitive ability and the detecting function to the external information as the sensitive element to combine the "transmission" and the "feeling" Sensor. In this type of sensor, the optical fiber not only acts as a light transmission, but also as a modulator. Therefore, the sensor distance measuring ultrasonic transducer is continuous, the current medical applications mainly optical fiber sensor. Sensor-type sensors are mainly divided into: intensity-modulated sensors and phase-modulated sensors. The ultrasonic distance measuring transducer following describes the basic principles of intensity modulation type sensor and phase modulation type sensor.Optical fiber sensor in the medical application of medical applications . Medical optical fiber sensor is currently mainly light-based, with its compact, insulated, non-radio frequency and microwave interference measurements.

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