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The Truth About Ultrasonic Transducers Is About To Be Revealed.

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The Truth About Ultrasonic Transducers Is About To Be Revealed.

                  The Truth About Ultrasonic Transducers Is About To Be Revealed.

Nondestructive testing and evaluation technology in our daily product plays an important role in the inspection and a large number industrial and civilian equipment testing in the non-destructive testing of ultrasonic non-destructive testing as an important testing method, but also more and more plays more industry's attention.The performance of the ultrasonic probe directly determines the superiority of the ultrasonic range finder distance measuring results. For decades, the ultrasonic probe ultrasonic distance measuring technology has been greatly developed and gradually matured. However, there are still some problems to be solved, such as the detection range of the probe and the sensitivity of the detection.hoped that in the future, the development of the ultrasonic probe can be better developed to meet the increasingly stringent testing.

The ultrasonic transducer for distance measuring sensor in the non-contact leveling system works according to the pulse echo mode, and its working principle is shown. The ultrasonic pulse wave from the sending probe is transmitted to the target surface through the propagation medium. A part the acoustic wave of high precision ultrasonic transducer is transmitted and then returned to the receiving probe through the propagation medium. In the process of propagation, the time that the ultrasonic pulse passes from transmitting to receiving is measured. If the speed of sound propagation medium is determined, the working principle can be calculated. The testing accuracy of the ultrasonic ranging sensor is determined by the accuracy of the two parameters of sound velocity and sound velocity.

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