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Summary of application directions of ultrasonic sensors

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With the increasing complexity of industrial applications, industrial ultrasonic sensor is becoming more and more popular in the field of automation.


  1. Ultrasonic sensors can be used for dust measurement. Generally, in flour mills and dust removal equipment, where there is a lot of dust, ultrasonic sensors are needed to detect the height of dust. The photoelectric sensor works by using the principle of light reflection. Therefore, the dust suspended in the air will have a great influence on the reflection of light. At this time, the photoelectric sensor will fail. The biggest advantage of long range ultrasonic sensor is that the sound wave can bypass small obstacles. Therefore, the general dust position measurement will use ultrasonic sensor.


Second, for liquid level measurement. In many cases, it is necessary to detect the height of the liquid level, such as the height of the liquid level in the laboratory test tube, the height of the water level in the river. The real-time measurement of these positions requires the help of ultrasonic sensors, because the ultrasonic sensor hit the liquid surface can also be reflected back easily. Therefore, the ultrasonic sensor can effectively measure the height of the liquid level.


Third,for roll diameter control, many winding equipment need to detect the diameter of the winding in real time to determine whether the winding is completed. In the era of highly advanced automation, it is unrealistic to observe with the naked eye. The surrounding objects are complex and changeable, some are transparent plastic, and some are colored wrapping paper. This is undoubtedly a big problem for photoelectric sensors, but these measuring objects are not at all difficult for ultrasonic waves. Long-term application practice has proved that, ultrasonic sensor can stably realize the real-time measurement of the roll diameter.


Fourth, the detection of high light transmittance and light-absorbing objects, such as transparent glass or coated silicon wafers,it is very difficult to detect its position information in real time through photoelectric sensors. At this time, ultrasonic module distance sensor can still perfectly compensate for photoelectric defects. 

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