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Reasons Why Piezo Crystals Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

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Reasons Why Piezo Crystals Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

                        Reasons Why Piezo Crystals Is Getting More Popular In The Past Decade

Stable ultrasonic generator also requires constant amplitude function and adjustable amplitude. The constant amplitude function needs to control the real part current of the piezo bimorph actuator transducer, which is the key to its stability. amplitude adjustment is the basic requirement of the piezoelectric sensor equipment, the purpose is to adjust the parameters on the same equipment, which can not only weld copper, but also to weld other materials. As the core technology of piezoceramic sphere pickup is difficult to master, some domestic companies can not design and manufacture a stable ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic metal welding requirements for the welding is also high, requiring a high degree of wear-resistant ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric welding head, while the principle of ultrasonic welding itself, but also requires the welding head has good toughness, ultrasonic piezoelectric crystal the constraints of these factors give the welding head material selection and welding head manufacturing ,which has brought higher technical requirements, which enhance the domestic companies on the high power piezo plateultrasonic metal welding equipment, the difficulty of independent design and manufacture.However, at present, several domestic companies have made great breakthroughs in the manufacture of welding tips, of which the welding tips are made of high-quality alloyed steel are comparable in their life expectancy and manufacturing precision to those of similar products in Europe and the United States. The domestic company's ultrasonic welding equipment has aroused the concern of domestic counterparts, the company took seven years to develop a series of core technologies of ultrasonic welding metal, including: high-power transducers, generators, long-life welding head and so on. Particularly worth mentioning is that the company mastered the world's advanced transducer technology, research and development of high-power 10 kW transducer, and has mastered multi-transducer combination technology, metal ultrasonic welding technology pioneered work, a number of technologies is to fill the gaps in the flat-panel solar industry, the company's metal ultrasonic welding equipment market share in China has exceeded 80%.

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