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Porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane

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Porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane

                         Porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane

Permeability PZT piezoelectric ceramics membrane of pure water flux and N2 permeate flux are close, this is ,due to the porous PZT ceramic membrane of the insulating oil membrane that is surface coverage and pore filling Insulation caused by the oil. PZT ceramic film before and after piezoelectric ceramic plate for wave filter changes in quality and found that after the polarization of the quality of each piece of ceramic film are increased, electronic piezoelectric transducer is combined with the volume of the ceramic membrane, the porosity εis 34%, the insulating oil density ρ = 0.877 g , porous PZT ceramic membrane of pore filling rate is 98.2%, indicating that the porous PZT ceramic membrane after the piezoelectric sensor circuit is basically filled with insulating oil was highly filled state. The polarized PZT ceramic membrane was immersed in absolute ethanol at 60 ℃ for 30 min to extract the insulating oil in the channel. After drying and weighing, the quality of the piezo ceramic membrane could be restored to its original state. Nitrogen infiltration is at 0.05 MPa Rate, similar to of unpolarized PZT ceramic membrane, indicating that the insulating oil in the pore after extraction is almost completely removed and the pore structure is restored.However, the pure water flux at this time is due to the fact that the insulating oil component of high frequency transducer adheres to the surface of the PZT ceramic membrane and the wall of the cell wall is hindering the entry of water droplets into the ceramic membrane channel, piezo ceramic generators is resulting in no pure water flux even when the transmembrane pressure difference is 0.05 MPa. In order to increase the pure water, permeability of PZT ceramic membrane after the extraction was selected to be plasma-etched to remove the hydrophobicity of the piezoelectric vibration sensor has surface and to characterize the hydrophobicity of the surface of the ceramic membrane by the contact angle of the water drop. The unpolarized piezo touch sensor has a large number of hydroxyl groups on the surface and in the pores, which is highly hydrophilic. The initial contact angle of the water droplets is 49 °and permeates into the membrane pores within 0.5 s completely. PZT ceramic membrane surface polarization is enhanced hydrophobicity, water droplet contact angle of 91 ° and did not decrease within 5 s.

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