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Polarized porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane

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Polarized porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane

                                  Polarized porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane

Polarized porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane is generated in situ vibration.piezoelectric materials crystal played a good anti-pollution effect. The porous PZT piezoelectric ceramic membrane prepared in this paper was compared with the antifouling separation membrane reported in the literature. By means of modified grafting, the surface of piezoelectric ceramics transducers with a diameter of 220 mm was grafted with polylysine- Amide, increasing the hydrophilicity of the membrane, thereby piezoelectric sensor circuit is reducing the clogging effect of the hydrophobic component on the membrane pores, and was used for the filtration experiment of the oil-containing emulsion of 10 g · L-1. The results showed that the steady flux of the unmodified membrane. For the initial value of 11%, the modified flux of conical piezoelectric transducers increased to 31%. Coster polarized the PVDF membrane with a pore size of 220 mm,which is vibrated the membrane under the action of alternating current and vibrated the membrane in 1 g·L -1 PEG solution in the anti-pollution experiments, the unpolarized film stable flux of piezoelectric mist generation is 0.96% of the initial value. the polarized diaphragm vibration flux increased to 5.5%. Compared with the literature shows that the anti-pollution performance of the PZT piezoelectric film prepared in this paper has reached the current level of anti-pollution film research. The carbon content of piezo ceramic disc in the permeating liquid of polarized and unpolarized porous PZT ceramic membranes is given under the condition of alternating current applied and not applied. It can be seen from the data in the table that the porous PZT ceramic membranes with polarized and unpolarized PZT membranes have better retention of the oil droplets in the system, and the applied electric field of ultrasonic animal repelent has no significant effect on the retention, the retention rate stabilized is about 95.6% .

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