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Piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric diaphram buzzer

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Piezoelectric diaphram buzzer has small size, no contact, no noise, high reliability, low power consumption, low cost and good frequency characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used in alarm and vocal use of various electrical products. The most common ones are sounding devices on the small electronic gadgets such as electronic watches, calculators, electronic doorbells and electronic toys.

The piezo diaphragm buzzer is a piezoelectric ceramic piece that is pressed by a high pressure and adhered to a vibrating metal piece. When an AC voltage is applied, mechanical deformation stretching and contraction occur due to the piezoelectric effect, and this characteristic of piezo disc benders is used to vibrate the metal piece to make an audible sound.

When the driving circuit is connected to the piezo ceramic elements buzzer, the effect of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy occurs, and after the piezo element film buzzer piece is alternately deformed, the sound is generated. If the mechanical vibration frequency is between 30 Hz and 9 kHz, then the piezo disc benders buzzer is generated. The film will be able to make a pleasant sound that people can accept.

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