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New technology of ultrasonic transducer

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 The new technology of the ultrasonic transducer includes compensate circuit through the built-in temperature, under the normal or changing operating state, when there is a significant temperature changes, it need use the temperature to compensate circuit for proofreading, which can let the ultrasonic sensor shielding field interference through the advanced filter circuit . The new type ultrasonic probe has a stronger self-protection ability, it can resist material damage, adapt to more dirty environment. So ultrasonic sensors can withstand  the harsh environment of the test today, ultrasonic sensors can be used in humid environments, such as bottle cleaning machine.Another notable feature of the new generation of ultrasonic sensors is more simpler to use, which includes the setting of buttons, the DIP switch programming and the selection of multiple programs. The switch button is fully embedded in the sensor, which makes it easy to adjust the distance measuring transducer, and pressing the button is a very simple matter before placing the target in the sensor.This sensor can automatically grasp the window of the big and distance. Easy installation means that can be adaptable to many different applications. Ultrasonic sensors are generally included in a single sensor with a variety of output types, which it can use a sensor that can sense two different distance objects duo to two switch output models, while at the same time have all the way to switch output and analog output models of the sensor can be used to measure the presence of alarm.These new technologies make the ultrasonic sensor more flexible and selective than other technology sensors. An accurate compact ultrasonic transducer mainly use direct reflection of the detection mode. The detected object located in front of the sensor send receiver of the sensor by  partially transmitting  wave . There are still some ultrasonic sensors that use the detection mode with opposite type. A set of opposite -type ultrasonic sensors includes a transmitter and a receiver, which remains "listening" between them.The detector located between the receiver and the transmitter will block the receiver from receiving waves so that the sensor will be generated a switching signal. There is also an ultrasonic sensor with external probe , the corresponding electronic circuit is located in the conventional sensor housing. This structure is more suitable to test the limited space of installation . In short, the progress of technology makes ultrasonic sensors very durable and has a precise sensing ability, these new technology makes the ultrasonic sensor more simple, flexible, more cost-effective. These new features extend a new field of application that goes beyond traditional ultrasonic sensor applications. The detection performance is almost free of any environmental conditions.

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