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You are here: Home / Products / Medical Transducer / TCD Doppler Sensor / Medical 4MHz TCD Doppler Probe for Craniocervical Junction
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Medical 4MHz TCD Doppler Probe for Craniocervical Junction

We can offer 2Mhz,4Mhz,6Mhz TCD Doppler Sensor .The shape of shell can be customized based on your requirements.

Application:This probe is used for craniocervical doppler flowmeter,it is good anti-interference ability and high sensitivity,which
has been integrated with many TCD equipment manufacturer.

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The Doppler blood measuring device we developed can equip with 2mhz, 4mhz, 8mhz blood flow sensor to measure the different depth blood flow rate. The output interface is USB port, and input the power is standard PC power. There could offer some sort of raw data or the calculated data as Vp; Vm, Vd, PI, RI, SD, Hr.  Besides, we could offer the output as bitmap spectrum when connect with your laptop or PC directly.

4MHz Craniocervical Doppler probe:







Static Capacitance:   

1300 pF



Protection level: 

IPX7 4000Vagainst ground

Length of Cable:   




Technology parameters:                                                                      






Working frequency




Working method

Pulse wave

Continuous wave

Continuous wave

Static capacitance





receive: 500PF±20%

relative sensitivity




Relative bandwidth




receiving-sending mixed




Main use

For brain blood flow analysis

For the carotid artery blood flow analysis

For superficial vascular blood flow analysis

Spectrum Parameters:

These parameters for most patients (age above 20 years old) are mainly based on the detection of vascular anatomy depth.

a. Left or right middle cerebral artery, the general depth of 55mm (generally long middle cerebral artery, and some hospitals and then divided into the former after 3 above)
b. Left or right anterior cerebral artery depth 65mm
c. Left or right middle cerebral artery depth 70mm
d. Left or right posterior inferior cerebellar artery depth 60mm
e. Left or right intracranial vertebral artery depth 25mm
f. Left (or right) eye within craniocervical depth 65mm
g. Basilar artery depth 82mm

h. Left or right eye arterial general depth of 45mm (power must be less than 250%, otherwise injury eyeballs)

General Power = 400% except the ophthalmic artery.
Change principles: appropriate increase or decrease with the detection depth.

The gain is usually about 30dB.
Change principles: appropriate increase or decrease with the detected signal strength. Without changing the general set according to user habits.

 4.Sample volume:

Generally it is about 12mm.
Change the principle: If taken large, easily detected signal, but the vascular low resolution, and vice versa more difficult detection signal, but the vascular high resolution. Generally for deeper blood vessels should be bigger, lighter is smaller.

5. Repeat frequency:
I.e. sampling frequency. Hardware few files 5.208KHz; 7.8125kHz; 10.4167kHz; 15.625kHz;

Change the principle: limited detection depth, directly determine the flow rate range. Its value with Depth and Sample volume. Since receive data, first of all deal with the relationship of these parameters do spectrum window must clearly can not do otherwise, the flow rate scale. All these need to be changed at any time with the detection depth.

Detecting the time required for the spectrum diagram of a full-screen.

Change principles: interface design, spectrum window can be longer or shorter. Spectrum window is the longer, the longer time. For a fixed interface, this parameter set is no longer changed. For example, for the 256-point FFT FIG longitudinal width must point pixel 256, while the horizontal generally taken per 80-100 points / S is more appropriate. Need to be doubled for a 512-point FFT lateral more appropriate, or spectrogram sawtooth will seem too high, sharp or too horizontal long influence doctors interpret blueprints. Multi-integer convenient. For example: 4S or 5S, 6S like.

7.WorkMode: work.
2M (pulse); the 4M (pulse) mode; 4M (continuous) mode; hardware each time only one way to work.
Wins: the number of windows.
Also that depth number. The new hardware to a maximum depth of 4. Can make four spectral windows, each spectrum window that is a depth of sampling volume window.
Hardware every two adjacent sample volume of nearly half of the window is a signal overlap. Example: the first depth signal also contains a a half second depth signal, and the first depth signal also contains half of the first depth signal, also contains the signal of the half 3 depth, but the depth a signal is not the first depth signal. Nos. 1 and 3 of the depth of the signal is completely independent, the first 2 and 4 of the depth of the signal is also completely independent. When such a depth of four signal displayed on the visual feeling there will be a transition.

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