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How does the piezoelectric diaphragm produce the pronunciation?

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The sound source of the piezoelectric element buzzer sound element mainly comes from the piezoelectric diaphragm. The piezoelectric vibrating plate is composed of a piezoelectric ceramic plate on which electrodes are printed on both sides, and a metal plate (brass or stainless steel, etc.). The adhesive is used to bond the piezoelectric vibrating plate to the metal sheet. This is what we call a buzzer.

It shows the oscillation system of the piezoelectric diaphragm. When a direct current voltage is applied between the two electrodes of the piezoelectric diaphragm, mechanical deformation is caused due to the piezoelectric effect. For a piezoelectric element having a shape distortion, its deformation is extended in the radiation direction.

The piezoelectric vibrating plate is bent in the direction shown and the metal piece bonded to the piezoelectric vibrating plate does not stretch. On the contrary, when the piezoelectric element contracts, the piezoelectric diaphragm is bent in the direction . Therefore, when the alternating voltage is passed through the electrode, as shown in Fig. 2(c), the bending shown in Figs. 2(a) and 2(b) is alternately repeated, thereby generating sound waves in the air.

PZT piezo bimorph buzzers In general, human audio frequencies range from approximately 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The most audible audio is 2kHz to 4kHz. Therefore, most piezoelectric sound elements are used in this audio range. At the same time, the piezo disc benders ‘s resonance frequency (f0) is generally selected to be in the same range. the resonance frequency depends on the method used to support the piezoelectric diaphragm. If the shape of the piezoelectric vibrating plate is the same, the value will become smaller in the order .

Normally, a electric piezoelectric diaphragm is installed in the resonance chamber to generate a high sound pressure . Using Equation (Hermholtz Formula), the resonant frequency (fcav) of the resonance chamber can be calculated. Since the piezoelectric diaphragm and the resonance chamber have appropriate resonance frequencies, respectively (f0) and (fcav), it is possible to increase the sound pressure at a specific frequency and obtain a specific bandwidth by controlling the positions of both.

Piezoelectric ceramic sounder transducer buzzer is widely used in: clock, calculator, telephone, washing machine, various alarms (burglar alarm, etc.)

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