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How To Quit ultrasonic distance transducer In 5 Days

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As an intelligent machine can replace manual operations, robots are paying more and more attention to their applications in the various hazardous and harsh environments to reduce the number of casualties, for example ,ultrasonic distance transducer is used in the detection of submarine, mine exploration, and fire rescue. In these environments, it is sometimes impossible to guarantee the real-time communication with the robots. Some even 75 Khz ultrasonic distance probe fails to communicate with the robots. This requires that the robot system itself has the ability to make sense and navigate autonomously. A hot spot in current robotics research is based on various sensor technologies that make robots have the same vision, hearing, smell and touch as humans.

50 Khz ultrasonic distance sensors are inexpensive and easy to implement. They are widely used as ultrasonic ranging sensors to achieve positioning and environmental modeling. The main advantages of ultrasonic ranging over other ranging methods are:

(1) The wave speed of ultrasonic distance detection sensor is small, the distance to the target can be directly measured, and the vertical resolution is higher;

(2) Ultrasonic waves are insensitive to color, illuminance, and electromagnetic fields, are not limited by the environment, and are adapted to a wide range of environments and environments; the 14Khz distance transducer sensor are not easily affected by external environmental conditions such as weather conditions, surface roughness, cracks, etc. Ultrasonic detection sensor is easily interfered by the temperature of the measured environment, but its compensation methods are various. Different methods of 80khz ultrasonic distance transducer can be used according to different accuracy requirements.

(3) The wavelength of the ultrasonic wave is emitted by the ultrasonic sensor is very short, and it becomes a beam with strong directivity, and it has certain coverage. Therefore, it is possible to cover a larger measurement range with a smaller number of sensors.

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