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Four Important Facts That You Should Know About Ultrasonic Piezo Ceramic

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Four Important Facts That You Should Know About Ultrasonic Piezo Ceramic

  Four Important Facts That You Should Know About Ultrasonic Piezo Ceramic

1.Another performance is much better than the barium titanate piezoelectric ceramic ,which material lead zirconate titanate is successfully developed. Since then, the development of piezoelectric ceramics has entered a new phase.piezo discs and cylinders continues to improve to get perfect. Such as the use of a variety of elements modified lead zirconate titanate binary piezoelectric ceramics, lead zirconate titanate is based in the ternary and quaternary piezoelectric ceramics in recent years, lead-free piezoelectric ceramics should also be transported.

2.These materials have excellent performance and simple manufacture, low cost, wide application ,they are favored by people. Piezoelectric material microstructure, composition process, structure performance, especially the choice of composition is the most important, it determines the process parameters required for the preparation of materials, products will be formed in the crystal structure and microstructure, Ultimately determines the performance of the product. Not all materials have acoustic cylindrical piezoelectric transducer , but all asymmetric materials have more or less some piezoelectricity.

3.Whereas for most piezoelectric ceramics the crystal structure is perovskite. Piezoelectric effect is due to the deformation of the crystal under the mechanical force, causing the mutual displacement of charged particles, the total torque of the crystal changes .Due to the existence of polar axis, there is no central symmetry in the crystal of the symmetrical point group. The deformation caused by the mechanical force can cause the change of the total torque, so there is a piezoelectric effect PZT material flexible piezoelectric disc transducer. However, the piezoelectric effect of a piezoelectric body is related to its polarization strength. Therefore, the piezoelectric effect is generated in certain directions only under the force or electric field in some directions.

4. In order to utilize the piezoelectric effect, Ferroelectric ceramics soldering piezoelectric disc element should be polarized, that is, all the ferroelectric crystal spontaneous dipole moment using external force (or electric field) to turn, so that the particle structure of the electric domain orientation consistent, so as to be equivalent to the point group piezoelectric vibrator is used in resonant filters, transducers, delay lines, acousto-optic devices, in order to effectively stimulate the desired vibration mode, for a certain piezoelectric materials, piezoelectric crystal oscillator must choose a specific type and dimensions and incentives, different The vibration mode piezoelectric vibrator, the shape and boundary conditions are generally different, so describing the piezoelectric vibrators are also different. In the experiment, we should determine the vibration mode of the piezoelectric vibrator according to the specific application of the piezoelectric ceramic, that is, selecting the appropriate boundary conditions of the corresponding piezoelectric shape piezo crystal plate voltage generator to establish the equation, find the factors that affect the performance, and get the optimal solution. Different boundary conditions For calculation convenience, often choosing different independent variables and dependent variables to describe the piezoelectric oscillator piezoelectric equation.

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