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Five Secrets About Piezo Crystals That Nobody Will Tell You

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Five Secrets About Piezo Crystals That Nobody Will Tell You

                    Five Secrets About Piezo Crystals That Nobody Will Tell You

WIth the development of low-temperature sintered piezoelectric ceramic materials ,which has become an important research direction for the development of high-performance, high-reliability, low-cost multi-layer optimization of piezoelectric disc piezo material  composites.At present, the low temperature sintering methods are adding cosolvent method, pressure sintering and so on. The results show that adding trace amounts of Fe2 +, Bi3 + and Cu2 + ions into the PZT-4 piezo ceramics powder by hydrothermal method and adding BCW into the synthesized powder ,which can achieve the completion of winding at 850℃ in the air, The sintering temperature of the piezoresistive piezo electric discs powder of the additive is reduced by about 250℃, which is lower by about 400℃ than the sintering temperature of the PZT powder prepared by the conventional solid phase method at 1250℃,. Li Longtu from Tsinghua University ,piezo ceramic with P4 materials PZT based piezoelectric ceramic raw materials by adding glass frit can be sintered to a large extent the temperature was reduced, the piezoelectricity and dielectric properties have been improved; Piezoelectric ceramic sintering below 900℃, ceramic Also has good piezoelectricity After the experiment found that PZT piezo ceramics at the temperature (about 1100℃) has the best dielectric and piezoelectric properties, - relative permittivity, d33 --- piezoelectric strain constant, kp - - Electromechanical coupling coefficient, Qm --- mechanical quality factor, tan --- dielectric loss.

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