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Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Piezoelectric Ceramics

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 Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Piezoelectric Ceramics

                           Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Piezoelectric Ceramics

1.The application of piezoelectric ceramics is used in the piezoelectric vibrator, hemisphere piezoelectric ceramic transducer is a kind of functional ceramic materials that can convert electric energy into mechanical energy or convert mechanical energy into electric energy. Although it is still a new type of ceramic material in the family of ceramics, it has enjoyed rapid development and widespread use in recent decades due to its ferroelectric piezoelectric ceramic discs ,which is not found in other piezo ceramic materials and the resulting variety of electromechanical properties The application of piezoelectric ceramics can still be roughly divided into piezoelectric vibrator and piezoelectric transducer categories. 

2.The former mainly uses the resonance characteristics of the vibrator itself, and requires stable performance such as piezo ceramic sphere crystal PZT 8, dielectric and elasticity, and high mechanical quality factor. The latter mainly converts one form of energy into another form of energy, requiring a high electromechanical coupling coefficient and a high quality factor. We also introduce the application of piezoelectric ceramics from this aspect. The application of piezoelectric ceramics is used in the piezoelectric vibrator,such as piezo spheres shapes PZT 5.The highlight of the application is piezoelectric ceramics as a transformer case. Piezoelectric ceramic transformers are solid state for electronic transformers that work in audio or super audio.
3.Compared with the traditional core wire wound electromagnetic transformer, the utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight, not breakdown when it is used, high temperature piezo ball for underwater device resistance of the transformer itself, no fear of burning, no electromagnetic interference, simple structure, simple manufacturing process and mass production .Piezoelectric transformers are mainly used in drive DC and DC transformers. In addition, piezoelectric transformers are also used in military applications, that is, they use their output electrode lead discharges to detonate high-voltage detonators.
4. Civil applications of circular shape piezo spheres are even more. Such as neon drivers, high-pressure immobilizer, high-voltage electric shock stick, small light machine, radar, copiers, helium, neon and small carbon dioxide-based phosgene and so on. Piezoelectric ceramic transformers are formed by different components of the symmetrical point-symmetry group crystal structure, the use of inverse piezoelectric effect and positive piezoelectric effect to achieve, the piezoelectric effect diagram is shown in the figure.
5.when coupled with a polarization parallel to the direction of the compressive stress, the ceramic body of piezo hemispheres for underwater device produces compressive deformation, electric dipole moment becomes smaller, the polarization intensity is the binding charge density becomes smaller, leaving the electrode surface appear free of charge generated by the phenomenon of free charge, such as applied along the polarization direction Tensile stress, then the phenomenon of charging, which is the positive piezoelectric effect, when applied to a piezoelectric ceramic body with the same (or opposite) the electric field, the direction of the electric field and the polarization direction (or vice versa), The effect of increasing (or decreasing) the polarization strength is to cause the piezoelectric ceramic body to grow (or shorten) in the direction of polarization to generate strain and stress, which can act on an external object or propagation medium Reverse piezoelectric effect.

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