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Factors to consider when it is designing the piezoelectric ceramic transducer

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                 Factors to consider when it is designing the piezoelectric ceramic transducer

There are two main types of materials for ultrasonic transducers: magnetostrictive metals and piezoelectric ceramics. The purpose of this article is to design transducers for high-power mechanical ultrasonic machining, so only piezoelectric ceramic transducers are discussed. As an energy transmission network, the transducer has the problem of energy conversion efficiency. Conversion efficiency is related to the choice of piezo disc transducer materials, vibration forms, the structure of the mechanical vibration system (including the support mechanism), and the operating frequency. Therefore, when designing an ultrasonic transducer, it is necessary to consider various factors such as acoustic impedance, frequency response, impedance matching, acoustic structure, vibration mode, and transducer materials, and how to design and coordinate these factors so that the electro-acoustic conversion can reach the optimal value. 

Piezoelectric ceramics have many functions. Among them, laser positioning is one type, and there is an indispensable key component in the laser positioning system, which is the micro-displacement compensation plate.This part uses the characteristics of the piezoelectric ceramic transducer itself. It adjusts the cavity length of the laser by adjusting the voltage. This can ensure the positioning accuracy of the laser and can be widely used in navigation in the fields of aviation, aerospace, and ships. system.

Ultrasonic Pzt piezoceramic ring micro-displacement compensation plate uses modified lead titanate binary system piezoelectric materials to improve the sub-type of piezo ceramic materials, thereby developing a new type of high-performance piezoelectric ceramics, which can also be produced in large quantities. It has social and economic benefits.

The role of energy conversion of heat meter transducers is classified according to the following principles:

First, the mechanical heat meter. The single-beam heat meter is a single strand to push the impeller to rotate, which is relatively easy to wear. The multi-beam heat meter is a multi-stroke to push the impeller to rotate, and the wear is relatively small.

Second, the ultrasonic heat meter, the use of ultrasonic to measure the flow of fluid, there are two types of direct and reflective.

3. For electromagnetic heat meter ,It needs electricity to use the electromagnetic principle to measure the flow, and the cost is relatively high.

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