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Definition, application direction and future development prospect of piezoelectric ceramics

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Definition, application direction and future development prospect of piezoelectric ceramics       

Common electronic piezo ceramics include barium titanate system, lead zirconate titanate binary system and the third common compound of ABO 3 type added to the binary system.     

 If the ternary system is added, the fourth or more compounds will be added. In this case, Quaternary and multi-element electronic piezoelectric disk transducer are formed. In addition, there is also a metaniobate system. It is difficult to find the types of electronic piezo ceramics, such as "potassium sodium metaniobate" and "strontium barium metaniobate" (Bax Sr1 - x nb2o 5). They do not contain toxic lead and other unqualified components, which is beneficial to the environmental protection industry. Therefore, the dielectric properties of electronic piezo ceramics reflect the response of ceramic materials to the electromagnetic field formed inside and outside the PZT ceramic materials. Generally, dielectric is used to compare the constant ε 0, which shows that the response of dielectric to electric field can be linear when the field of external electromagnetic field is small.    

  The use of piezoelectric ceramic crystal may be unknown to everyone, so tell everyone about its various uses in order to achieve a good understanding.   

1.The pressure power transformer of the power supply has the display above the radar, as well as the high-voltage performance power supply of various equipment, electronic replicator and other accessories and equipment.      

2.Accurate signal source. It has a precise signal source and provides sufficient signal strength.     

3. The sound electrolytic converter has various types of electroacoustic devices, such as pickup, sound transmission device, receiver, loudspeaker, etc.           

4.Ultrasonic transducer has cutting performance, and also can have high-tech ultrasonic display function.         

5.Control the water-based converter, which has underwater navigation and positioning instructions and microphone applications.    

 General knowledge of the main specifications of piezoelectric piezoceramic wafer. Above, I will introduce the main specifications of piezoelectric ceramics. I hope you know something about it so that you can make better use of it.     
 The chip frequency of components are smaller and smaller size,it has high frequency piezoelectric ceramic resonators: piezoelectric ceramic chips with higher frequency accuracy, better frequency stability and higher reliability; with excellent heat resistance, they can be used in chip frequency components for lead-free reflow soldering; the application of chip frequency components without or almost without toxic and harmful elements will be concerned.      

Ultrasonic treatment of waste water and toxic water produced by piezoelectric ceramic transducer. It has the advantages of small radial size, large output torque, strong controllability, etc. ultrasonic sensors such as anti-theft, height measurement, automobile anti-collision, remote control switch, robot distance measurement.special attention should be paid to servo displacement brake, optical strain mirror, strain grating, ultra precision guiding mechanism, cutting and grinding error compensation brake, oil pressure servo valve, etc.

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