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Composition and Precautions of piezo disc benders

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The composition of the piezo ceramic elements :

The piezo bimorph buzzer is made of lead zirconate titanate and lead magnesium titanate ceramic material. A silver electrode is plated on the ceramic sheet, and after being polarized and aged, it is adhered to a brass sheet or a stainless steel sheet.

The sound principle of the buzzer:
The piezo sounder ceramic element buzzer is the sound source of the sound component mainly from the piezoelectric vibrating plate. When a direct current voltage is applied between the two electrodes of the piezoelectric diaphragm, mechanical deformation is caused due to the piezoelectric effect. For a piezoelectric element having a shape distortion, its deformation is extended in the radiation direction. Therefore, when an alternating voltage is passed through the electrodes, the bending alternately occurs repeatedly, thereby generating sound waves in the air.

The characteristics of the buzzer:

The piezo disc benders buzzer has clear sound, ultra-thin and light weight, no contact, no noise, high reliability, low power consumption, high conversion efficiency, no electromagnetic interference, and wide working range. Widely used in: (clock, computer, telephone, washing machine, various alarms (burglar alarms, etc.).

When we are using electric piezo diaphragm buzzer, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Please do not touch the components with bare hands to avoid corrosion of the electrodes.
2. If the applied mechanical stress exceeds the technical requirements, the component may be damaged.
3. Take care to protect the working circuit from surge voltages caused by excessive force, falling, vibration or temperature changes.
4. If a DC voltage is applied to the component, current migration may occur, taking care not to leave the component at DC voltage for an extended period of time.
5. Please avoid excessive pulling, otherwise the wire will break or the solder joint will fall off.
6. It is not possible to apply force directly to the center of the vibrating plate, which may cause the ceramic component to rupture. Only when the edge of the vibrating plate is supported can it exert a force on its edge.

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