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Comparison of single-layer piezoelectric ceramic transducer and stacked piezoelectric ceramic crystal

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The cost of a single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheet is very competitive, and its series resonance point is relatively high, which can exceed the megahertz level. At the series resonance point, the strength and output working capacity of the single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheet .It is quite large. It is the advantage of a single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheet, but its drawback is that the driver has a high working voltage and a small amount of offset when it is applied in non-series resonance.

For single-layer piezo disk piezoelectric transducers, the working voltage of the driver with a thickness of 1mm is 1000V (that is, 1000V / mm, different materials will be slightly different), and the offset caused by 1000V is 1μm (generally less than 1μm ), Which is not suitable for the high-precision actual operation of static data; the series resonance point of a single-layer piezoelectric ceramic plate is high, but after it is installed in the machinery and equipment, its series resonance will be reduced. The actual size depends on the method of the assembly line and the added moment force, etc. The characteristics of stacked piezoelectric ceramic crystal is different from single-layer piezoelectric ceramic sheets.

Due to the intersection structure of the internal piezoelectric ceramic layer and the electric level layer, and the piezoelectric ceramic layer is only a few tens of micrometers thick, the requiring driver operating voltage is relatively low, about one hundred volts to about 200V. With such a low operating voltage, a large offset can be exceeded, such as the core PST150 / 5 * 5/20 stacked piezoelectric ceramic sheets, and the stacked piezoelectric ceramic sheets with an aspect ratio of 18mm, which can cause bias. Movement amount reaches 28μ

Piezoelectric ceramics (PZT) Pzt powder piezo ceramic is as small as 2.0 mm (0.080 ") to 178 mm (7") long, and can be in size, shape (flatness, concentricity, parallelism, etc.), resonance frequency, reflection tight tolerances are maintained in terms of resonance frequency and capacitance.

Good piezoelectric ceramic transducer quality comes from a strictly controlled production process. PZT piezoelectric powder is manufactured by environmentally controlled production equipment. All raw materials are limited before usage. Each production step is monitored and recorded to maintain complete traceability. The finished ultrasonic piezoelectric disk transducer is returned to the manufacturing material.

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