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Application of ultrasonic wave in the sewage treatment / ultrasonic sewage treatment

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The technology of ultrasonically degrading organic pollutants in sewage can be used alone or by ultrasonic cavitation effect, and the ultrasonic degradation technology can be combined with other treatment technologies to degrade and remove organic pollutants. The combined technology has the following types:

1.Ultrasonic transducer for distance and ozone combined for sewage treatment, with ultrasonic degradation, sterilization and ozone disinfection work together on sewage.

2. Ultrasonic and hydrogen peroxide are combined for sewage treatment to achieve the purpose of degrading, sterilizing and disinfecting polluted water bodies.

3. Ultrasonic and ultraviolet light combined for sewage treatment, the photoacoustic chemistry technology utilizes the synergistic and complementary effects of the respective degradation capabilities of ultrasonic technology and ultraviolet light technology, and the common organic pollutants such as phenol, tetrahydrocarbon, trihydromethane and Trichloroacetic acid is degraded so that the degradation products of the four substances are water, carbon dioxide, C1- or short-chain fatty acids that are easily biodegradable.

4. Ultrasonic and magnetization treatment technologies are used together for sewage treatment. Magnetization can achieve solid-liquid separation for wastewater, and can degrade organic substances such as COD and BOD, and can also decolorize dyed water.

5, Ultrasonic distance transducer can also be used as an auxiliary technology of traditional chemical sterilization treatment, when using traditional chemical methods for large-scale sewage treatment, increasing the ultrasonic radiation can greatly reduce the amount of chemical agents.Future problems in ultrasonic treatment in wastewater treatment / ultrasonic sewage treatment.Although the application of ultrasonic in the field of sewage treatment has been widely recognized, there are still many problems to be solved:

Condition control of waterproof ultrasonict transducer is difficult. Different substrates have different decomposition conditions due to their different physicochemical properties, especially when considering their economics. When decomposing different substrates, in order to achieve the best decomposition effect, it is necessary to test the ultrasonic strength, decomposition time, catalyst and the like.

So far, ultrasonic technology has not been applied to practice on a large scale, and many applications are completed in the laboratory. These tests are performed on a certain type of substrate that simulates the solution of the substance. Ultrasound is yet to be tested in practice.

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