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Application of Ultrasonic Sensors in Operation of Model Aircraft

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As the name implies, the aircraft model is a recyclable model made to imitate the shape of a spacecraft. It belongs to the aerospace model. In the competition rules formulated by the International Aviation Federation, it is clearly stipulated that the aircraft model is heavier than air and has a size limit, with or An unmanned aerial vehicle for sports without an engine is called an aviation model.


Model airplanes are not toys. They are a legal outdoor sport and are dangerous. Therefore, flying model airplanes should be far away from human rights, traffic, buildings, public facilities and areas and dangerous areas with more animals.

In recent years, remote-controlled model airplanes and micro drones of ultrasonic transducer sensor have been widely used in weddings, news, film and video aerial photography. Operators have also expanded from the original competitors to the consumer group, and the probability of accidents due to improper operation is increasing. Although the model aircraft is not heavy, it is fast. A large model aircraft crashes from a height at a speed of 120 kilometers per hour and hits a person with serious injuries. How to avoid risks and avoid disadvantages?

In order to allow the healthy development of model aircraft sports, which provides a pedestrian detection industrial ultrasonic sensor MB1010 for height control and detection of obstacles near the ground. Because the ultrasonic sensor has a short monitoring distance, it is only used for monitoring near the ground.

Pedestrian ultrasonic proximity sensor is an ultra-low power, wide beam angle and high sensitivity ultrasonic sensor. It can obtain reliable and stable distance data through pulse width output, analog voltage output and serial port output. And the measurement period is short, and the measurable distance is up to 6.45 meters. At the same time, it is also the company's very popular indoor ultrasonic sensor because it is an excellent low-cost general-purpose sensor.

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