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5 Things To Expect When Attending Piezoelectric Ceramics

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 5 Things To Expect When Attending Piezoelectric Ceramics

                                5 Things To Expect When Attending Piezoelectric Ceramics
according to the connection ultrasound piezoelectric ceramics can be used into ultrasonic welding, ultrasonic riveting, ultrasonic spot welding and four kinds of embedded ultrasound tree. Ultrasonic welding process under the action of ultrasonic vibration energy, piezo discs and cylinders is the welding line begins to melt, ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric electromagnetic for the melt pressure is to the top and bottom surface of the product to be welded, so that the cost of piezoceramic disc is being welded between the formation of a thin layer of molten plastic, when stopped sonication, the temperature of piezoceramic disc vibration sensor is lower to melt the plastic and allow the products to be joined together. According to product features and occasions,it is the general use of welding wire triangle wire and wire-edge type.it is peak-valley wire and step-type wire, the structure and the specific design dimensions, quality control problems of the ultrasonic welding prone is in the production of quality problems in the actual production of ultrasonic piezo disc quartz , especially for mobile phones and other appearance, performance, etc. requiring high-quality personal consumer products, the quality is still more difficult to control a problem. Summary of past experience found that the most likely to occur some of the quality problems: low strength, the surface of the product produce scars or cracks, the product is distorted or white, the product damage to the internal parts or by extrusion and deform, the product has flash, After the product size can not be controlled within the tolerance welding, product deviation, ultrasonic welding can not meet the water vapor sealing performance requirements. Common quality problems of Ultrasonic welding is to solve ultrasonic welding which is generally composed of four basic elements: ultrasonic machine, ultrasonic parameters, ultrasonic positioning fixtures and products.

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