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1.2Khz High Power Transmitting Transducer Underwater Acoustic Transducer

low frequency and high power transmit transducer
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     1.2Khz High Power Transmitting Transducer Underwater Acoustic Transducer


Technical Parameters:




resonant frequency

1.2k Hz

Working Band

∆f ≥300Hz

transmitting voltage response


Static Capacitance



Horizontal omnidirectional

Sound Source Level (SL)


Working depth


Cable Specification

Φ11.2mm  Double core shielded cable





Underwater Acoustics Research 

Underwater Communication System 

Acoustic Field Calibration

Military and Scientific Applications

Types of Underwater Acoustic Transducer



1.Low frequency, deep water, high power transducer


Low-frequency transmitting transducer series: There are various types of flexural transducers, slotted circular tube transducers, slat bending transducers, combined bending disc transducers, etc. The minimum operating frequency has been as low as 20Hz;


Deep-water transducer series: there are three types of products: overflow type, oil-filled pressure balance type and self-supporting pressure type, the maximum pressure resistance has reached 80MPa;


High-power transmitting transducer series: The sound source level can reach more than 207dB near 350Hz.


2. Mosaic ring transducer


The company has the ability to design and manufacture mosaic rings with a diameter of 30mm~800mm, the frequency can cover 0.5kHz~50kHz, the highest emission sound source level of a single transducer can reach 202dB, and the effective working frequency band can reach more than 2 octave frequencies. Its structural form Mainly divided into air-backed type and overflow type, the working depth can reach 500m and 6km respectively.


3. Line array


The company has the ability to design and manufacture oil-filled linear arrays, cable linear arrays, and rigid linear arrays. The oil-filled array can realize the oil-filled linear array with the smallest outer diameter of 20mm, and the longest single array segment can reach 80m.


4. Spherical transducer


The company has mature design and production technology for spherical transducers. At present, it has formed a complete series of spherical transducers with a diameter of 20mm to 166mm after packaging; the transmission coverage frequency is 3kHz to 150kHz; the reception coverage frequency is from 5Hz to 100kHz+; the working depth is the highest Up to 5km or more.


5. Vector hydrophone


The company is the first company in the industry to develop vector hydrophones and its engineering applications. The differential pressure vector hydrophones and co-vibration vector hydrophones developed are stable and reliable. The working frequency band can cover 5Hz~120kHz, and the maximum working depth can be Up to 3000m. In order to improve the suitability of the co-vibration vector hydrophone, our company has conducted in-depth research on the installation method, waterproof current impact and suspension mode, etc., and realized fixed installation vector hydrophone, oil-filled structure and free suspension, etc. A variety of results, and has the design and manufacturing capabilities of vector hydrophone line arrays and towed arrays.

Application Case of Underwater Acoustic Transducer


According to customer’ needs, we can design and produce piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers,  underwater acoustic transducer ,ultrasonic probes and sensors of various frequencies with stable performance and high quality.





2. Calibration of Vector Hydrophones in Deep Water ,The maximum working depth can reach 3000m, which can be used for oil-filled linear array elements



3. The highest emission response of the stacked spherical acoustic transducer can reach 156dB, and the highest sound source level can reach 202dB, which is more than 6dB higher than ordinary spherical transducers of the same size.



4. single-crystal vector hydrophone transducer


Compared with piezoelectric ceramic transducers, the size of PIN-PMN-PT single crystal transmitting transducer is reduced by more than 1/3, the transmitting voltage response level is 2~10dB higher, the impedance bandwidth is about twice higher, and the -3dB bandwidth is about two times higher. Times; the receiving sensitivity is 3~5dB higher. The single crystal vector hydrophone has low motion self-noise, and the sensitivity is 4~6dB higher than the piezoelectric vector hydrophone of the same size.



 5.Fixed installation vector hydrophone


Using the center column as the fixed base, the ceramic shearing working mode, the working frequency band is 100-5000Hz, the installation is simple, the performance is stable, and it can replace most vector hydrophones installed on various platforms.





The cone-shaped reflector is used to reflect the circumferentially radiated sound waves of the toroidal transducer to the end surface to work, and relatively stable acoustic radiation of the beam can be realized on the end surface.


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