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ultrasonic cleaning transducer

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The connection between the ultrasonic cleaning transducer and the cleaning tank is loose, which will cause the piezoelectric ceramic chip to be broken. It can be seen with the naked eye. Gently shake the tail of the vibrator, carefully observe the glue on the vibrating surface, and take emergency measures. It is to disconnect the individual damaged vibrators, and it will not affect the normal use of other vibrators. Generally, they can only be sent back to NVC ultrasonic equipment factory for settlement. In order to avoid degumming of the vibrator, it is usually used to avoid impact on the vibrating surface.

When the ultrasonic cleaner parts is used at full load for several years, the vibrating surface may be pierced. If the environment is wet or the process of installing the transducer is improperly handled, the vibrator of the immersible ultrasonic cleaning transducer is easily damp. In this case, the plug connected to the transducer can be inspected with a megger, where the 2 feet are the positive pole of the ultrasonic transducer,Connected to the outer casing of the transducer is the negative pole of the transducer. Checking the insulation resistance between the 2 and 3 feet to judge the basic situation. Generally, the insulation resistance is greater than 30 megohms. If the insulation resistance is less than 30 megohms, the transducer is generally damp. At this time, just change the transducer. Put it into the oven as a whole,piezoelectric ultrasonic cleaning transducer is setting it at about 100 °C, bake for 3 hours or use a hair dryer to blow until the resistance is normal.

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