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sintering method of piezoelectric ceramics

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 sintering method of piezoelectric ceramics

                                               sintering method of piezoelectric ceramics

In addition of a flux to lower the sintering temperature. There are three types of low temperature sintering methods for piezoelectric ceramic transducer in the base material: the first is to reduce the sintering temperature by forming a solid solution, and the ion replacement distorts the lattice,which increases the structural defects, So as to promote the diffusion of ions and promote the sintering of piezoelectric sensor working .The second way is to reduce the sintering temperature by forming the liquid phase sintering.The grain rearrangement and strengthening contact in the liquid phase sintering can improve the grain boundary mobility so that the pores are fully discharged to promote the grain growth and increase the density of the porcelain body to achieve the purpose of reducing the sintering temperature of ultrasonic hifu piezoelectric .The third way is to reduce the sintering temperature and improve the performance through the transition liquid phase sintering.The low melting point additive of ultrasound piezo crystal is firstly forms during the sintering process .The liquid phase promotes sintering in the late sintering phase, doubles as the final phase are back into the main crystalline phase. This "double effect" of low melting point additives reduces the sintering temperature by 250-300°C and improves performance a lot of chemical synthesis method to reduce the sintering temperature for different synthesis of PZTN piezo element quest piezoelectric material sintering performance of the table .which shows that the use of chemical synthesis powder can be reduced low sintering temperature of high focus piezo ceramic , but the cooling rate is limited, the sintering temperature is still higher than 1 000°C. Hot pressing reduces the sintering temperature, hot pressing sintering can increase the sintering sintering power, which is conducive to stomatal or vacancies spread from the grain boundary to the ceramic body, Piezo crystal for ultrasonc knife is  improving the density of ceramic body and lower the sintering temperature.PZT piezoelectric ceramics are sintered by hot pressing .reducingthe sintering temperature is by 150-200 ℃ and improving the performance.

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